Pandora paint refurb

PHOTOS: Path Repainting Work Underway in Pandora

Since Pandora – The World of AVATAR themed area opened in Disney’s Animal Kingdom in May 2017, it’s been one of the most popular destinations for guests. Not a lot of refurbishments have been done in that time, but that has recently changed.

Pandora painting refurb

As part of the themed aesthetic of the land, the ground in Pandora is painted with glow-in-the-dark and light reactive paint, giving it an amazing phosphorescent-type glow at night. The area surrounding the woven entrance entrance sculpture in front of the Navi River Journey boat ride has been blocked off in preparation for repainting the ground.

pandora refurb animal kingdom

Earlier this month we saw a similar situation where painting had recently been completed behind the barrier, and was being allowed to dry.


Pandora paint refurb

This area surrounding the sculpture seems to be next on this list for this cosmetic upgrade.


Pandora paint refurb

This section of ground was part of the previous repainting, and shows the new light green and white paint rejuvenated, ready to glow in the dark.


Pandora paint refurb

The difference between the two areas becomes more apparent when viewed side by side. This is a view over top of the barrier in front of Navi River Journey. On the left is behind the barrier with original paint, and on the right is outside of the barrier with new paint. In addition to the green and white paint that was already present, splashes of orange have been added sparingly, no doubt to liven up the light reactive levels.

Pandora paint refurb

The current blocked off area is in front of and to the right of the entrance to the queue for Navi River Journey, and will not impede your ability to line up for or enter the ride.

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