Some of the wickedly tasty treats on offer at the Disney Villains After Hours 2020 event

PHOTOS, REVIEW: Poor Unfortunate Souls Will Love the New Cherry Coke Float at Storybook Treats for Disney Villains After Hours 2020 at the Magic Kingdom

I’m a very busy woman and I haven’t got all day, but do I help our readers find the best After Hours treats? Yes, I do.

Tonight marks the first of many Disney Villains After Hours 2020 nights that will run through July 10th, 2020. The event this year has brought new merchandise, a new parade, and tasty treats themed after several classic Disney villains. We’ve been snacking our way through them and next up, we’re heading to Storybook Treats, where Ursula will surely make you sign over your voice for these tasty sea witch concoctions.

Here, guests have two options: an ice cream float and a mousse dessert.

Both are reminiscent of Ursula’s tentacles and purple coloring.

Poor Unfortunate Soul – $6.99

Black Raspberry Soft-serve over Cherry Coke garnished with a Sugar Crown and Candies

We thought this float was a really interesting combination, with swirls of black raspberry soft serve suspended within a swampy mix of cherry Coke and purple sixlets. It’s fairly tart, but not in a bad way. You get flavors of the cherry Coke, with a bit of carbonation, and some raspberry aftertaste.

This is honestly one of the better float-style concoctions they’ve made in recent years, not to mention the presentation was gorgeous. The Cast Members at Storybook Treats really took their time creating each float to make them perfectly photogenic, which we really appreciated. Skip the sugar crown and save a tooth (seriously, it’s rock hard), but don’t skip out on this dessert, because it’s excellent, especially on a warmer night.

Body Language – $6.99

Cookies ’n Cream Mousse, Chocolate Cake, Glacage, and Meringue Tentacles garnished with a Chocolate Shell

As good as this looked with its sugar tentacles and glossy black cover, for a cookies and cream mousse, it was pretty bland and unremarkable-tasting. Even the cake base was bland.

Most of the flavor comes from the chocolate layer that covers it, and even then it isn’t enough to carry the dessert through.

Much like Ursula herself, we strongly advise you to stay away from this mousse dessert, and stick to the float instead.

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