PHOTOS: Rustic Cuff Jewelry Opens First-Ever Florida Location in Disney Springs

Rustic Cuff has finally opened at Disney Springs and we had our reporter on hand to cover the grand opening. The popup shop for the accessory brand was packed when we visited, but the store itself was wonderfully designed and the employees were extremely warm and helpful. Let’s take a look!

The store is finally open in the former location of Erwin Pearl, and the scrims are down so guests can examine all the displays.

The interior features bright colors and mirrors which makes the space feel very inviting.

Accessories are everywhere, with their signature cuffs being featured front and center.

The mix of props and merchandise really ties the space together and give this store a very comfortable feel.

So many cuffs to choose from!

The bags that the cuffs come in are very cute and feature vibrant colors.

There’s even a waiting area for guests to relax. We have to admit, this space looks very comfortable and inviting.

A gumball style vending machine! Though I don’t think you will find any gumballs in this store…

Decorations are all over the store and really make this store feel less sterile than some other stores found in Disney Springs.

Island stands like this showcase Rustic Cuff’s merchandise sorted by color and design.

Admittedly, the store isn’t that large and was very crowded today, but the bright colors and open layout makes up for the small footprint.

Are we in the home of the founder or at a retail location?

The merchandise is presented very nicely throughout the store… who knew there were this many styles of cuffs?

This collage is really cute and helps add to the inviting feeling of the store.

A really nice quote from the founder of Rustic Cuff, Jill Donovan.

Sadly this vending machine is just a prop and not actually useable… though it is a nice accent piece for the store.

What do you think of the new Rustic Cuff store at Disney Springs? Will you be visiting on your next trip to Walt Disney World?

About Rustic Cuff:

Rustic Cuff was created in the summer of 2011 by Jill Donovan. Jill’s lifelong obsession with cuffs and a need for a creative outlet turned into so much more. With her days filled with young children and her evenings filled with teaching Law at the University of Tulsa, Jill began teaching herself all aspects of leather making and metal design in her guest bedroom in the middle of the night.

Jill’s passion for quality and unique design helped Rustic Cuff to expand from a basic leather cuff line into an entire collection including exotic skins, original designs, and various types of metals.

Jill was born in Baltimore Maryland and eventually found her way to Tulsa, OK (via Pensacola Florida) where she met and married her husband, Terry. Jill is also an adjunct law professor at TU and mom to two daughters, Ireland and August, her inspiration and great helpers.

Rustic Cuff has been featured on Good Morning America, ABC’s The View, The Wendy Williams Show, and E!News. RC has also gained favor with celebrities including, Giuliana Rancic, Miranda Lambert, Gayle King, Kathie Lee Gifford, Elisabeth Hasselbeck , and GMA’s Lara Spencer to name a few.

Rustic Cuff opened up its first retail Showroom in November 2015 in Tulsa, Oklahoma. A second one opened up in Tulsa as well shortly after on the third week of January, 2016. Rustic Cuff can be found in over 250 boutique stores across the country. For a complete list of retail locations or to view our entire collection visit us at