PHOTOS: Splash Mountain Refurbishment Update at the Magic Kingdom, Playground Reopens

Splash Mountain has been closed for it’s annual refurbishment at Magic Kingdom. Let’s take a look at the progress!

We can see there’s a lot happening at this round-about in the front of the attraction. Fresh track pieces are stacked throughout the whole loop.

The roof on the lift was getting some extensive work done today.

New roof tiles area being placed on one side of the roof, while the other is still covered with synthetic underlayment.

The Splash Mountain Laughing Place Play Area reopened today!

The area is looking nice and clean after its brief refurbishment. The colors are looking more vibrant and signs of wear-and-tear were no where to be found.

Are you looking forward to Splash Mountain re-opening? It’s always a nice way to cool down on a hot Florida day. Stay tuned to for more updates!

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7 months ago

All time fav ride in the parks!!! I love that they give it yearly care <3 it looked like it needed a small face lift last time I rode it in August so I’m happy to see they’re doing that! Can’t wait to ride it when it opens again!