PHOTOS: Updates on the New Entrance Security Screening Area at EPCOT (2/10/20)

Today, we checked in on the progress of the new security screening area at the EPCOT entrance. Let’s take a look!

From the monorail platform, you can clearly see progress is moving along steadily in this area.

An electrical truck was on the site today, along with several construction workers.

The new structure for the covered screening area is fully framed out and ready for some stylistic elements to be added in the coming weeks.

You can see the Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind show building in the background, painted to blend in with the sky and the tree line.

Here is a clear view of the entire covered security screening area.

In the mid-right side of this photo, you can see they’re getting ready to lay some pavement in a freshly framed rectangle.

Here is another angle of the soon-to-be-paved rectangle, along with some blueprints in the tan cubes off to the right.

We’re looking forward to the reimagining of the entire entrance area! What are your thoughts fo the EPCOT overhaul? We’d love to hear about it in the comments.