Herc himself was out meeting guests this week

PHOTOS, VIDEO: Hercules Descends from Mount Olympus to Meet and Greet Guests at Disney’s Hollywood Studios

Bless my soul, Herc was on a roll! And just this morning, he was out greeting guests at Disney’s Hollywood Studios in between bouts of training with Phil.

Last we checked, he was the person of the week in every Greek opinion poll, and we couldn’t have been more excited to see him. (We nearly wore our Air Hercs to the park.) The character was out briefly by the exit to Tower of Terror, likely testing for a special upcoming event, like DVC Moonlight Magic. This is similar to the Jim Hawkins meet and greet that briefly took place in Tomorrowland at the Magic Kingdom earlier in January.

“Hercules? Honey, you mean HUNK-ULES.”

Yesterday, guests reported meeting Meg here at this very location, so we wouldn’t be surprised if they came out again in the following days for some more training with guests.

Who puts the glad in gladiator? You can check out our full meet and greet experience with Hercules in the video below:

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