PHOTOS: Water Returns to Base of Splash Mountain Ahead of Reopening at Walt Disney World

Splash Mountain at Walt Disney World reopens Friday after its annual refurbishment, and today we saw maintenance hit a milestone.



Water has returned to Splash Mountain! Here at the lower turn, we see the attraction is inching its way toward splashing again. This is the area of the ride right after you take the big plunge and before you return to the inside portion of the attraction. See this area while it was drained of water.


Water is also flowing right at the bottom of the drop at the approach of the turn. Over the course of the refurbishment, we have seen workers maintain the mechanisms that help slow ride vehicles after the 50-foot drop.


However, water still hasn’t returned to the big drop. The drop also received work during the refurbishment; we saw a piece of equipment mounted on the area a few weeks ago.



Shingling is now complete on the roof of the watermill/barn structure. The previous shingles were removed, so these are nice and new.

Splash Mountain is just one of the many refurbishments currently underway at Walt Disney World. Make sure you’re up-to-date on all the refurbishments happening during your next trip at the WDW News Today Refurbishments page.

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