REVIEW: New Valentine’s Day Macaron and Sweetheart Bread at Amorette’s Patisserie in Disney Springs

It’s time for even more Valentine’s Day treats from Walt Disney World. Amorette’s Patisserie has a few new limited time offerings, so we decided it was time to head over to Disney Springs and put them to the test.

One of these desserts will get a second date with us.

Sweetheart Macaron – $8.00

Yes, this masterpiece is a macaron. Despite looking like chocolate in the center, this pale pink macaron is filled with strawberry ganache and marshmallow fluff. We didn’t believe it until we tasted it. The decoration on the front is modeling chocolate with edible gold colored accents. It really won us over on looks. There’s a giant chocolate base, and one side is dipped in chocolate, which is just a bonus since the macaron is absolutely amazing on its own.

We wish we had known what a beautiful, gooey marshmallow center would be revealed when we broke it in half, because we would have documented it for the ‘Gram. That marshmallow fluff has my heart fluttering already.

The macaron is chewy and flaky on the outside, with a rich strawberry ganache flavor on the inside. There was plenty of marshmallow fluff, which was our favorite part of the treat. We fell in love with this giant sweetheart macaron and hope we have the chance to have another one before they’re gone!

“Sweetheart” Bread – $7.00

This one is a beauty! Red-colored and heart-shaped, this sweet bread looked like it would be true love, but it left us heartbroken.

As lovely as this looks, this was one of the worst things I’ve ever eaten. The description says it’s got a honey smear and hazelnut drizzle, so the first bite of overly dry bread was a huge disappointment. I understand the “bread” part, but I’m missing the “sweet” part. I tried to appreciate the bland, loaf of bread and decided it was a bit more like a tasteless donut. There’s nothing wrong with enjoying a heavy loaf of bread, but don’t get your hopes up that it’s going to be very sweet. The best part of this is the edible glitter.

If you can scrape together some of the honey or hazelnut, it makes this a lot better. I’m sure this might appeal to somebody, but I’d break up with someone if they took me out for this.

If you’re heading to Disney Springs for Valentine’s Day treats, save yourself the heartache and skip the sweetbread. Go right for the macaron and Bella Notte Petit Cake.