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REVIEW: New Bibbidi Bobbidi Boo Cake at Walt Disney World Needs a Bit More Help from the Fairy Godmother

The Bibbidi Bobbidi Boo Cake is here! The carriage that escorts Cinderella to true love is now in cake form in time for the movie’s 70th anniversary and February’s day of love.



The cake is lemon-scented Bavarian mousse filled with blueberry compote on top of citrus almond cake. It resembles the pumpkin coach that the Fairy Godmother creates to take Cinderella to the ball.


It looks pretty nice, but let’s see how it tastes.


The cake on the bottom is not so great. We don’t even know what we’re tasting. It’s really thick, chewy and dense — and not very cakey. It’s almost like sponge cake, but wet. That’s the best way we can describe it. It does have a slight citrusy taste, though.


The mousse has a nice, light citrus flavor, but no real after taste. The blueberry filling has big chunks of actual blueberries in it. In fact, you mostly taste blueberry. All three together actually work because the thickness of the cake helps with the not-so-solid, jiggly mousse.

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The “wheels” taste like a bitter (possibly dark?) chocolate and are sprayed with edible gold.


Here’s where the wheels fall off: literally. When we were handed the cake, the wheels fell down. The entire thing looked like it was going to just melt on the plate… and it’s not even warm out. Don’t plan on getting close to the castle for pics on a hot day. It’ll turn to a pumpkin (or blueberry) long before midnight. We had to make adjustments for photos.

bibbidi bobbidi boo cake main street bakery

Here’s the press photo released by Disney. Some big differences: it looks like Disney added some Photoshop magic to the wheels. They look much better than ours did! Also, our pumpkin stem was lacking.


Getting the cake was a bit of a story itself. We looked for it at park opening, but we not able to purchase one because the bakers were still working out kinks. So we had to try again later in the morning.


The Bibbidi Bobbidy Boo Cake was released to celebrate the 70th anniversary of “Cinderella” (read more details here). It is $6.99 and can be found at Main Street Bakery in the Magic Kingdom.