REVIEW: New Valentine’s Day Chocolate-Covered Cherry Cupcake at Boardwalk Bakery Has Us Swooning

Love is in the air at the BoardWalk Bakery! Let’s see what delicious treats they’ve cooked up for us.

3 delicious treats? They’re too good to us! Luckily (and shockingly) we showed some restraint today and only had one. Let’s take a look!

Lovers will rejoice at this delicious chocolate concoction! Two white chocolate united hearts adorn the top of this beautiful creation. Crispy pearls are always a favorite addition to a cupcake for me, personally, so I was excited to see them here. They add such a great textural element!

Sadly, the cupcake I got only had one heart. Was this mildly heart-breaking for me? Yes. However, the flavor profile of this delicious treat quickly washed away my sadness.

The shining star this all-around delicious treat was definitely the Vanilla Baker’s Cream. It was smooth and light, a wonderful break from the all-too-common buttercream.

The center was filled with a delicious, cold cherry surprise! The temperature of this cupcake was perfect and kept the cake nice and moist. The cherry center, however, was chilled which paired deliciously with the chocolate cake. The flavors complimented each other well, with neither trying to fight for the spotlight. A match made in heaven? Absolutely.

Each bite had me wanting more and I must admit, I finished the entire cupcake by myself. (Oops.) If you want to keep your partner happy this Valentine’s Day, I would suggest getting two because otherwise you’ll be fighting over the last bite.

Will you be heading to Disney’s BoardWalk with your sweetheart to savor this snack?