REVIEW: New Valentine’s Day Chocolate-Covered Raspberry Cupcake and Concha Cream Puff Dessert at Disney’s Saratoga Springs Resort

Valentine’s Day is one of the sweetest times of the year, and the bakery team over at Artist’s Palette (in Disney’s Saratoga Springs Resort) has put together some desserts that are perfect for the occasion. There’s a chocolate covered raspberry cupcake and even a “hugs and kisses” cream puff. We’re ready to fall in love.

Chocolate Covered Raspberry Cupcake – $5.99

A fresh, chocolate cake serves as the base of this bakery masterpiece. An airy, light whipped frosting tops the cupcake and then receives a chocolate shell. The shell is similar to the milk chocolate hard shells on ice cream. It doesn’t quite get as solid as it would on a cold ice cream, but it adds a nice texture and taste to the frosting. The whipped frosting is fluffy with a very soft raspberry flavor.

Inside, a rich, chocolate mousse takes over. The chocolate is the real stand out flavor to this cupcake, with the raspberry being more of an afterthought. No complaints from us. We couldn’t get over the decadent cake, creamy mousse, and whipped frosting. This won our hearts.


Hugs and Kisses Cream Puff – $4.99

The hugs and kisses cream puff comes filled with raspberry and chocolate mousse swirled together. The outside of the pastry has a sweet, sugar crust. A white chocolate “X” and “O” top off the mousse.

Of course, the outside is red and glittery, perfect for Valentine’s Day!

Taking the top off the cream puff, you can see there’s a plentiful amount of raspberry and chocolate mousse. The raspberry has a very intense flavor that works well with the dark chocolate mousse. The outer shell of this cream puff is what makes it a stand out dessert. The pastry shell is excellent. We actually ended up scraping off some of the mousse just to enjoy the pastry on its own. We hope that the bakery team continues to bring us more of these cream puff desserts in the future!

These treats are both incredible, and we would gladly visit Artist’s Palette again for more great desserts. If you’re looking for Valentine’s day treats, be sure to check out these offerings from Saratoga Springs Resort and Spa before they’re gone.