WATCH: Fixing The Grand Avenue Washrooms (from Disney’s Hollywood Studios) in Planet Coaster

On the Ride Rehab podcast here on WDWNT, Tyler and Thomas put themselves into the shoes of Imagineers to see what they would fix with infinite time and money. Now, thanks to the simulation video game Planet Coaster developed by Frontier, we can finally design them in full 3-D! In this new series from the guys who do Ride Rehab, they’ll take a selected building or attraction at Disney World, replicate it inside of the Planet Coaster video game, and use the in-game tools to try and improve it. As with every episode of Ride Rehab, they certainly go off the rails and get a little bit ridiculous.

In this first episode, we take a look at the recently opened Grand Avenue washrooms at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. For the amount of time it took for the construction team to build and open these washrooms, we certainly thought it could use some improvements, and theme it more to the Hollywood namesake of the park.

The best part is that since Planet Coaster is a video game published through Steam, we can bring you this newly renovated building as a blueprint on the Steam Workshop! If you play Planet Coaster and would like to place this bizarre structure into YOUR park, CLICK HERE to visit the Steam Workshop page for this blueprint. Keep in mind some of the building pieces may require the DLC add-ons for the main game.

This is a brand new show we plan on doing regularly using other Disney attractions and custom made buildings like this. We are in no way sponsored or endorsed by Frontier, or any of the team at Planet Coaster. Since it’s a new show, we appreciate any feedback, especially on how we can cut or edit it for your viewing pleasure.