PHOTOS: New Grand Avenue “Public Water Works” Restrooms Finally Open at Disney’s Hollywood Studios

There are new bathrooms open in Disney’s Hollywood Studios! While this may not seem like big news, we’ve been anxiously following along construction since work started on them earlier in the year. These were originally supposed to open in time with Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge to help with the anticipated large crowds, but were delayed… severely delayed. The bathrooms are located in Grand Avenue, just across from BaseLine Tap House, making this probably the largest collection of restrooms in any Disney park. You have Gonzo’s Royal Flush over in Muppets Courtyard, the restrooms in between ABC Commissary and Sci-Fi Dine-In, plus the old Backlot Express restrooms, which are located in the same building as these new ones. In fact, this is the first time in our recollection that old restrooms are kept open after new ones are built in the same adjacent location.

The restrooms feature an all-brick facade with the words “Public Water Works” painted over the front to match the theming of the surrounding buildings in the area. For being a new building, it has an overall weathered, lived-in feel to it for theming.

The front entrance features an entryway into the Women’s restrooms.

Off to the side, you have one Companion restroom, plus the Men’s restrooms, which are entered through an open barn door. Compared to the elaborate entrance of the Women’s restrooms, the Men’s restrooms evoke opening day Disney California Adventure vibes with the beige stucco and little to nothing else in terms of decor. You’ll recall that the Men’s restroom had decorative awnings installed earlier this week, yet they seem to have been removed. (You can still see the bolts where it was previously attached.)


The Guest Experience Team has moved over to this side now that construction walls and hedges are gone.

We visited the restrooms early on in the day at park open. The new light fixtures were on, lending a nice, warm glow to the area.


Additional seating is available by way of a bench that juts out from the building, albeit uncomfortably close to the bathroom entrance.


We ventured into the women’s restroom at park open before the rush of guests and got to take some shots of the interior. We initially thought these would be connected to the other bathrooms, but it’s fully contained and actually rather cramped and small, with just 8 stalls.

The brick work and lighting fixtures continue inside, but are nothing remarkable.

And there you have it, folks! The tiny bathrooms that took months to build! Are you happy about the new addition? Do you miss the old speeder bike photo op that used to be here? Let us know in the comments.

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1 year ago

New Disney Springs store???

1 year ago

love the new look i just feel it could do with 2 Micky short posters either side on the walls outside the woman’s restrooms as they look a bit bear