20-Year-Old Man with Coronavirus (COVID-19) Instead Treated for Bronchitis After Visiting Walt Disney World

As people continue settling into their home after Coronavirus-related travel and quarantine advisories were issued, more and more cases are being reported, with now a second case relating back to a trip to Walt Disney World. While at first it was believed that children and young adults could not be affected by the virus, that has since been debunked by a number of cases involving young people testing positive for COVID-19. Now, it has been reported that a 20-year-old from Catoosa County, Georgia has tested positive for the virus. The last place he’d traveled to was Walt Disney World.

As first reported by WRCB3, Nicholas Hickman was originally treated for bronchitis after returning home from a trip with friends to Walt Disney World.

Nurses at a local health facility¬†refused to “waste a test” on him after he experienced flu-like symptoms akin to flu or strep throat. His local walk-in clinic did not have any COVID-19 tests available. After all other tests came back negative, Hickman was treated for bronchitis and told to self-quarantine at home with his parents, who were at the time asymptomatic and not required to quarantine.

Hickman tested positive for COVID-19 just last Friday. He and his parents are being treated and are feeling better, but are required to self-quarantine until April.

It is currently unknown when Hickman traveled to Walt Disney World Resort, what parks he visited, or where he stayed throughout his visit.

Source: WRCB3

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