BREAKING: Guest Reportedly Seen Falling from Disney’s Contemporary Resort at Walt Disney World

Jessica Figueroa

Updated on:

BREAKING: Guest Reportedly Seen Falling from Disney’s Contemporary Resort at Walt Disney World

Jessica Figueroa

Updated on:

BREAKING: Guest Reportedly Seen Falling from Disney’s Contemporary Resort at Walt Disney World

UPDATE: The Orange County Sheriff’s Office has confirmed that a woman jumped from an undisclosed location at Disney’s Contemporary Resort in what has been deemed an apparent suicide. The woman was found dead by the authorities once they arrived on scene.

As far as an official statement, all that OCSO has publicly released is the following:

“At this time, we believe this was a suicide, and we have no other information to release.”

If you or someone you know may be contemplating suicide, call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-8255 or text HOME to 741741 to reach the Crisis Text Line. In emergencies, call 911, or seek care from a local hospital or mental health provider.

Reports on social media are indicating that there is heavy police and rescue activity at Disney’s Contemporary Resort due to a potential incident at the site.

Witnesses aboard the Monorail are stating that they saw someone fall from the resort within view of the Monorail. All transportation in and around the Magic Kingdom (including Monorail service) has been stopped temporarily, and guests in the area should expect delays.

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Image Credit: @mason.k18 on Instagram

Due to the nature of the incident, there are also reports circulating of a potential suicide, but this has not been confirmed. Unfortunately, Disney’s Contemporary Resort has been the site of numerous suicides, with the last incident taking place in 2016.

No further confirmation or eyewitness accounts are available at this time, but we will continue to update this page as more information surfaces.

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13 thoughts on “BREAKING: Guest Reportedly Seen Falling from Disney’s Contemporary Resort at Walt Disney World”

  1. This is soooooooooooooooo sad,,But it is getting all too common these days in this crazy world we live in… Each year twice as many people die from suicide than they do murder:(((((((((((((((

  2. What floor did this person jump off of?? Also why would you jump off a balcony or whatever this lady jumped off of??🤔

    • Geez you negative Nancy. Why jump off a balcony or whatever this lady jumped off of? As you so kindly put it. Well… maybe the answer is what she accomplished, that’s to die. That was some insensitive bullshit question. There’s the answer. Ever stop to consider that she didn’t jump off? Doesn’t it seem odd it’s happened so much in the past?

  3. I’m a guest in Bay Lake Tower. As of just after 8:00 PM on 3/4, security presence had reduced some, and remaining security was blocking off a clear cordon: Guests were not able to enter the Skyway Bridge from either the Bay Lake Tower (5th floor) or the Contemporary Tower (4th floor). And in the campfire park between the towers, the area directly under the bridge was blocked off, except for the section closest to the Bay Lake Tower (where guests were able to use a door by the elevators).

  4. I hate the idea of anyone taking there life. Nothing is that bad to kill yourself. Depression, losing a job, on drugs, divorce, kids hate you, wife left you. Please, just have a belief in life. Change is NOT change unless you Change it. Suicide is not the answer. No job skills, ? Then learn go to a library and ask for help. Fight for your life. Talk to someone, find help, please. Life is HARD, I know because I had cancer one year after I was married. And was looking forward to a life together, and looking forward to our child especially to here my child call me mom. But it did not happen. We had to fight for my life, because I know I am worth it. Be a fighter don’t listen to negative people. Don’t abuse yourself with drugs or alcohol. Let to stop. Think. Walk away from the negative life that is making you miserable. Find the peace inside of your self. Don’t let the devil take your soul, or your spirit. God Bless our people. Care for one another. Find Peace and Joy. And remember Change is NOT Change unless you CHANGE it.

    • I believe your heart is in the right place but as someone who had actually contemplated doing exactly what this woman did, it’s not as simple as “change it”. Also hearing “it’s not that bad” is pretty hurtful. You can’t just walk away from misery if you believe you are the source of that misery. People commit suicide when they no longer want to fight, they can’t see a reason to fight for anything, especially themselves. It is a very sad situation. Your situation was very scary but you wanted to fight for your life, that’s the difference, if that makes sense.

    • Depression isnt that simple to conquer. Everyone’s situation is different and depression isnt just circumstantial. Many people are born with a chemical imbalance which means certain things in their brain dont fire off correctly. Please do some research before making it sound like it is something anyone can conquer. It takes lots of support from others, time….just to name a few. It’s not impossible but not easy.

      • U are so right!! Depression has so many causes/layers and drs don’t even know all the answers on how to best treat it… having a strong support system helps but a lot of ppl suffering from depression often have no one:(

  5. I feel sorry for the family. I don’t think the magical kingdom is that magical. Disney World from the get go has always had a black cloud over it with these supposed suicide jumps and bad raps for how they treat their employees, they’ve had child abuse allegations they settle out of court on involving their child care workers and disabled children etc. Disney World is definitely not a place where dreams come true. It’s a place of dark secrets, lies and destruction. It’s a sick, twisted place. This should be looked into a lot further. The officers may be on the payroll though. I said may, I don’t know them. It’s just hard to believe that so many people would spend all this money just to commit suicide at Disney World. Too many people, too many coincidences.

  6. i never seem to understand why so many (americans) deal with depression when we have everything we could dream for, jobs, steady paycheck, best healthcare in the world, great food, high value entertainment (with streaming technology , you can now watch shows from anywhere, entertainment at your fingertips). Compare that to third world citizens who dont have a roof on their head, dont know if they can even get their next meal, living on scraps, but after all that they lead happier lives, sleep better than many of us do. I guess this is another one of mysteries of life.

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