BREAKING: Walt Disney World Resort Closing Temporarily Over Coronavirus (COVID-19) Pandemic

With the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic shutting down most events and theme parks throughout the country, Walt Disney World Resort has announced it will temporarily close after Sunday, March 15 out of an abundance of caution for their Cast Members and guests.

The closure is stated to last through the end of the month, but Walt Disney World officials have noted that they are monitoring the developments. Walt Disney World hotels are slated to remain open during this time, as is Disney Springs. Cast Members will continue to receive payment throughout the closure period.

This is the advisory currently posted on the Walt Disney World website. If calling in to cancel or modify your reservation, do be patient as phone lines are experiencing lengthy waits, and online portals are also glitchy from increased traffic.

This was the official statement released by Disney Parks and Resorts, and Disney Cruise Line regarding the closures.

The decision to close comes days after Florida Governor Ron DeSantis issued an executive order declaring a State of Emergency because of the Coronavirus pandemic.

Walt Disney World Resort is just the latest Disney resort to close over the pandemic. Shanghai Disney Resort was the first to close, but has recently opened up areas of the resort not including Shanghai Disneyland. Currently, Hong Kong Disneyland Resort and Tokyo Disney Resort remain closed. Disneyland Paris was also announced closed alongside the Walt Disney World closure announcement.

Guests with packages booked through the Walt Disney Travel Company may currently reschedule for a “future date in 2020” without having to pay the $50.00 change fee.

On Thursday night, our very own Tom Corless made a statement regarding the day’s news:

Keep reading WDWNT for continuing coverage of this ongoing story.

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  1. What about guests that cant travel at a different date in 2020. Will they get refunds?

  2. ABOUT TIME! Disney was greedy to stay open this long. Really. Sad it took the state to shut it down. No amount of hand gel can counter huge crowds of people together. They could have limited entries, not ‘smooshed people together on rides’ But NO, they wanted to remain unsafe. Disney has a pristine image, but it does not put safety of customers over their bottom line ever.

    1. Then don’t go one less person in the parks who don’t need to be there cause they are soooooooo negative.

    2. I was there this last weekend before the shut down. There were no huge crowds at all. No “smooshing” of people anywhere. Very short lines for the rides and hand cleaning stations everywhere. It was a very nice day.

  3. What happen with these who stay off site and bought tickets months ago , if parks still closed at the time of their stay? (April for us)

  4. Everyone is freaking out over a stupid flu virus that can be dodged if you wash your hands and have proper hygiene! If people used common sense, we wouldn’t have to close Disney! Why make the cast members at Disney Springs suffer??

  5. Imagine the pure emotion that guests and cast will have when those gates open again. Hopefully on April 1 as scheduled. We are scheduled to go down April 1 for 10 days. The world needs that care free happy and magic so bad right now. And hitting main street after 16 days of closure is going to be amazing.

  6. Walt Disney World has surpassed disappointment in their irrational closing of “the rides” to only announce but you can still eat, sleep, shop, and swim here…. wow! Thanks for contributing to the scare tactics at such a pathetic level that people are left scratching their heads trying to make sense of nonsense.

  7. We have been calling all morning to cancel our reservation at the Beach Club, is there any other way to cancel the reservation besides calling?

    1. Is there a link on your Disney Account online to cancel? If not, you have to call them. But I would throw them an email as well, saying you tried to call but can’t get through.

    2. I rescheduled my French Quarter reservation online with the My Disney Experience App. I did see a box to click if you wanted to cancel a reservation.

  8. Turning a negative into a positive, trying to be optimistic….

    Are the construction crews going to keep working during the closure? If so, that could be a positive thing. Imagine a two week break, where Guests come back and LIKE MAGIC (sorry, I had to) a lot of construction is further along or finally completed. Without the need to worry about the crowds everyday, I’d think things might move along better. Construction could continue unaffected, since they don’t interact with the Guests anyway.

    Just a random though in my head, trying to see the bright side for once.

    1. Exactly, if Disney truly cared about all our and their staff safety the whole place would be locked down

  9. Curious if the pools are open at the Disney hotels during the park closures? Anyone know?

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