BREAKING: Walt Disney World Will Be Closed Through At Least April 9th With New Orange County Stay-At-Home Mandate Issued

Jessica Figueroa

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BREAKING: Walt Disney World Will Be Closed Through At Least April 9th With New Orange County Stay-At-Home Mandate Issued

Jessica Figueroa

Updated on:

BREAKING: Walt Disney World Will Be Closed Through At Least April 9th With New Orange County Stay-At-Home Mandate Issued

The Orange County mayor has announced that he will be signing a stay-at-home mandate for all of Orange County effective starting Thursday, March 26 at 11:00 PM, for the duration of two weeks.

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Disney has yet to make any official announcements at this point, but the two-week period would put the closure past the originally-stated April 1 reopening date for Walt Disney World Resort. Expected reopening at this point would be April 10 at the earliest.

We’ll continue to update this post as further information arises.

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32 thoughts on “BREAKING: Walt Disney World Will Be Closed Through At Least April 9th With New Orange County Stay-At-Home Mandate Issued”

  1. But Disney is not in Orange county. It is in Osecola county. But I think Disnsy will open April 19th because that’s when universal will open.

    • The majority of the park is in orange and the rest is in Osceola. Disney has their own government, Reedy Creek Improvement District so they do not fall under either county’s orders

      • That’s not fully correct. Orange County has said Disney falls under the order. How would cast members go to work if they have to leave their homes in either county, which is against the mandate. I don’t understand the confusion everyone has.

    • Disney will not follow Universal studios whatsoever. This gives them time to opened alone which will generate more money.

  2. I’m a cast member working at one of the resorts, we are closed as of Friday, March 20th. We are remaining closed until the end of the month as of now, however with the stay at home mandate going into affect, I imagine the resorts will stay closed as long as the parks are. We haven’t been updated yet though.

  3. They should really close until the end of April. Not fair to keep people in limbo. If they canceled the RunDisney Star Wars Run (weekend of April 16-18th), they should close until at least then or end of the month.

  4. Please post FACTS, not speculation. Your headline makes it seem as if Disney has announced and it has not. Granted we all know they will since Universal Studios just announced they won’t open until at least April 19th.

    • Disney doesn’t have to announce anything. Orange County has specifically stated Disney will not reopen under the ordinance. I feel like everyone is trying to will an early reopening into existence.

  5. To quote myself: “Dost thou love life? Than do not squander time, for that’s the stuff Life is made of”. Mr Mayor, me using my fast passes on April 1st is “essential”! I have to experience the Runaway Railway so I can decide if it’s as bad as it looks. Thank You

  6. But they do not pay their BVCC employees….75,000 cast who work hand in hand with the 1,200 bvcc employees on a daily occurence. But to save a few bucks, they just lay them off indefinitely with no pay and no warning. Sure I can understand certain aspects as some employees come and go from job to job. But many of BVCC are permanent fixtures who do a fantastic professional job and have built relationships with many of the cast to continue Disney’s world. Many do not even report to any BVCC supervisors (who by the way are all Disney managers) perhaps one day, the work horse of Disney will be looked at more like the value they are and less like a red headed step child you can toss at a whim.

    • They have continued to pay me and I am only part time. They haven’t layed off anyone I work with. The only ones that are not still working are the cp”s and the let them go home for their safety and they gave them all their credits they needed pass.

  7. They answered my call immediately 3 times today and were helpful and kind each time. They transferred my early april trip to June without a glitch. You know they are overwhelmed but they handled my trip flawlessly! Ready to see that mouse again 💜

  8. It will be mid May due to the CDC guidelines prohibiting large gatherings of more than 50 people for the next 8 weeks.

    • It might not reopen until June, or even later.

      As for the employees, if they lay them off, many will have no choice but to find another job (if they can find one), and many might not be available when the parks are allowed to reopen.

  9. I’d hate to say it but Disney will be lucky to be open by 2021 unless they come up with a vaccine before then.

  10. I planende to og to the park in paris 2. April, but have to cancel the trip because of corona. I bougt tickets for 2 days, and paid, how can I cancel, an Get
    The money Refund; This trip was a cristmas gift to my grandchild, she is 5 years,.

  11. This seems to be really irresponsible reporting. How about you wait for Disney to come out with a statement before telling everyone they’re closed through the 9th. 🙄

  12. That’s crazy just a cesspool of germs.. how is America going to beat this thing when people come from all over the world to spread there virus and bring the disease back home?


  14. I know everything is changing every day but I wish Disney would step up and announce official word on their closures longer than a few days before the end of their first closure deadline. That eliminates speculation. I know they don’t want to project to far out but it takes planning when you are going on vacation and people need to know. Universal announced they are closed until April 19th. They made that announcement a week ago. At least the people who were planning for April 14th for instance know they can cancel their plans. Let’s go Disney, if Universal can project I’m sure you can.

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