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British Revolution Band Ending March 15th at EPCOT’s United Kingdom Pavilion

While it was previously revealed that Matsuriza will be coming to an end on March 15th, we’ve also learned via Facebook that the popular British Revolution cover group at the United Kingdom in EPCOT will also be closing tomorrow, March 15th.

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The popular EPCOT entertainment group also announced this via Facebook. You can read their statement below:

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British Revolution and it's members would like to thank Walt Disney World and all the beautiful people of the UK…

Posted by British Revolution Fan Page on Saturday, March 14, 2020

It seems that Walt Disney World is cutting live entertainment at the parks ahead of the extended closure coming this week. The four Walt Disney World theme parks will close from March 16th through at least the end of the month due to the ongoing COVID-19 Coronavirus pandemic.

If you want to bang your heads to the beats of British rock one last time, you can catch British Revolution tomorrow at 4:30pm, 5:30pm, 7:00pm, and 8:00pm.

  1. is there a central opinion spot within Disney for comments on what consumers WANT to CONSUME rather than be force fed or pick up as crumbs on the floor??? I have never been asked to be a focus group member…. how do they form their business plans..??

  2. Well, Bob Chapek has done it again. More of the special people that make WDW unique has been let go. The British Revolution at the UK Pavilion and the Matsuriza Taiko Drum Group at the Japan Pavilion have been let go and today is their last day. So many talented people lost and not replaced. I’d bet that if you totaled all of them, Off Kilter at the Canadian Pavilion, The Streetmosphere Characters in Hollywood Studios, The Royal Majesty Makers in Magic Kingdom and the awesome Burudika musicians in Animal Kingdom, and many more, their total salaries would be 1-2 hours of Bob’s check. So sad,,,,

  3. Does this maybe have more to do with the upcoming construction for the Mary Poppins thing? I wondered if the UK showcase would have to lose part or all of its garden area back there to accommodate Cherry Tree Lane.

  4. I can see Chapek now:

    “We’re closing for awhile, so time to recoup the losses! No live entertainment, every month in 2020 and 2021 will be considered peak time, no buses to skyliner resorts, and cut 1/2 of the Trams to save gas and employee costs! Hmmm, got to be more we can do…hey waiter, where do you think you are taking that free bread?!”

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