PHOTOS: Cinderella Castle Makeover Project Continues With More Gold Trim Accents at the Magic Kingdom

With the Magic Kingdom closing down after tonight along with the rest of the Walt Disney World parks, today we bring you our last castle painting update, at least for the next two weeks until the resort reopens to guests after the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has (hopefully) subsided. With work on the castle expected to finish by the end of summer, we aren’t sure whether painting will continue throughout these next few days, but whether the park reopens to a fully re-done castle or a small progression of what we’ve already seen, at least we have one final look at the castle to tide us over until then.

For the most part, the repainting of the turrets is nearly complete, with dark blue turrets now gracing the tops of the castle. along the center, you’ll notice the two main roofs, which once had chevron detailing, have been painted a slightly darker color of royal blue.

Along the body of the castle, you’ll see that most of the center already has a rose gold layer of paint added. If you look at the recesses in the turrets, they’re being painted gold along the outlines––you can see a few closer shots some photos down.

You can see where the gold detailing along the borders stops, with many towers still left to be done.

Based on current progress, we assume that all edges of the castle will be painted with gold trim.

Since today is a Sunday, it’s likely the workers are on a later schedule or have the day off. Moving forward, Sundays might just be your best bet at a castle view free of cherrypickers in the morning.

On the sides, the newly-painted blue roof tiles contrast sharply against the old grey backdrop.

We’re seeing splotches of white paint or primer on various corners of the castle. These might also be corners that have been fixed and evened out for a smooth application of paint on top.

Here, we see other edges with gold trim.

Even halfway through its transformation, the castle is always a beautiful sight.

As we bid farewell to Cinderella Castle for the next few weeks, we’re reminded of its iconic status as a regal symbol of joy and happiness, and the Most Magical Place on Earth for guests and Cast Members from around the globe. We can’t wait to see the finalized new look for the castle!

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1 year ago

Who knew there was this much detail on Cinderella Castle? These photos are amazing! Thanks for posting them! Grins!

David Hensley
David Hensley
1 year ago

Do we know if it’s outside contractors or WDW employees doing the painting?