Cast Members Informed of Delayed Scheduling for Potential Reopening at Walt Disney World

Jessica Figueroa

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Chip and dale magic kingdom

Cast Members Informed of Delayed Scheduling for Potential Reopening at Walt Disney World

Jessica Figueroa

Updated on:

Chip and dale magic kingdom

Cast Members Informed of Delayed Scheduling for Potential Reopening at Walt Disney World

If there’s anyone yearning for some sense of normalcy back in their lives right now, it’s Cast Members (if you couldn’t tell by some of the hilarious TikToks and social media posts.) However, with the COVID-19 situation changing rapidly by day, it seems Disney is hesitating to make any moves before announcing any official extensions of the park closure. While the Magic Kingdom was originally set to soft re-open by March 29th, it seems those plans may now be up in the air, as scheduling has been delayed for Cast Members returning to Walt Disney World.

Chip and dale magic kingdom

Cast Members were originally set to receive their schedules for reopening week by now, but they have since been notified that they will not be receiving their schedules until Tuesday, March 24 at the earliest.

Do note that this is not a confirmation of a delay in re-openings, as Disney has not made an official announcement and the current established re-opening date is still April 1 until further notice.

22 thoughts on “Cast Members Informed of Delayed Scheduling for Potential Reopening at Walt Disney World”

  1. Everything is being shut down across the country; how could anyone think WDW would be reopening in a week??

    Or a month…

    And when it finally does reopen, common sense would dictate that it will be ONLY the Magic Kingdom, and Monorail Loop Hotels just as it was in the beginning.

    It will require time before people will travel vacations due to the impact from everything, including financial, and fear.

    The WORLD has CHANGED and people have not yet realized just how much.

    • Don’t know what “common sense” this follows since the monorail resorts are all Deluxe and the most expensive. I’m also not sure how the monorail would be their first choice given social distancing.

  2. I wish Disney would do the right thing and announce their extended closure NOW so those of us who have April trips planned can reschedule our flights and off-site hotels. If the Orlando restaurants are still closed for dine-in in April, then what’s the sense of flying to Orlando?

  3. I would be VERY surprised if they re-open on the original schedule. With the dining/bar ban in effect in Florida, and this thing still ever-changing, I think the original re-opening date was a “best-case scenario.” I give it at least another month (I would LOVE it if we beat this thing sooner and I am wrong), but it could be longer than that.

    Disney shutting down theme parks is what made the coronavirus “real” for me.

  4. Out schedule last week didn’t post till this past Tuesday, no surprise the next schedule won’t post till this coming Tuesday. A slow roll going forward.

  5. They aren’t reopening March 29th. Why they feel the need to drag on like this is ridiculous.

  6. In no way, shape or form is Disney re-opening on April 1. Sad to say, but let’s be realistic here.

  7. Why even open? I think there should just be a simple, 14 day vacation for the country, then reopen everything.

  8. Open?? What are you guys talking about? I thought florida established a ban of any businesses opening till april?

  9. I hope WDW is taking advantage of empty the Parks to finish the rides and the opening new rides early.

    • Nope! All construction has stopped as well. No crowds allowed. It’s not just the construction crew (lots of them), but Disney Security and other Cast members have to be there too. All new rides and construction will be pushed back too. Did you really think they’d do construction during the shutdown? On a side note, I’ve just heard on the news that the Summer 2020 Olympics in Tokyo *may* be delayed a year now!!!

  10. This is ridiculous and beyond infuriating. Shelter in place people! It’s absurd to talk about opening Disney which is a cesspool of germs! I love Disney but it is simply not safe to open!

  11. Is Disney crazy?
    Florida has over 1000 cases if the virus.Opening Disney anytime soon is absolutely criminal!!!!!
    You will be killing people!!
    We dont even have enough medical for our doctors and nurses

  12. I have reservations for May26th, and my family does not want to go now. They say even if Disney opens, it may be a partial opening and why spend all that money to get 1/2 park access. Any suggestions? Re-book for May 2021?

    • We are supposed to go May 30th and I have the same concerns… my TA says it will be fine by then but I think she is just hoping and praying. But I want to go change it to September.

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