PHOTOS: New Cirque du Soleil Signs Installed Ahead of “Drawn to Life” Debut at Disney Springs

A new Cirque du Soleil show is coming to Disney Springs this spring (previews start this month!) and we recently got our first sneak peek into some of the acts. Tickets for “Drawn to Life” are already on sale and it looks like the theater is getting some finishing touches ahead of their grand opening. A few weeks ago, we saw the new signage installed above the building, facing the street, but even more new additions have popped up around the buildings since then.

On one side, we see the old sun logo has been replaced with a sleeker, more modern design. The lettering above it also matches the larger sign over the front of the building.

Signs have also been installed over the store featuring the new text.

Ticket booth windows are uncovered, but there is a sign outside prompting guests to purchase tickets online.

There are still planters around the staircases, including the newest additions on the sides.

The walls around the store have new signs advertising the show to help build excitement.

Drawn to Life officially opens April 17, with previews starting on March 20 at Disney Springs, and tickets are on sale now. Will you be seeing this new Cirque du Soleil show when it opens next month?