PHOTOS: The Emporium Gets Adjusted Store Layout at the Magic Kingdom

Over the past few weeks, the Emporium at the Magic Kingdom has been reorganized with new displays and full sections moved. We took some time this morning to get a feel for the new layout to help you be as efficient as possible during your next Walt Disney World shopping spree.

Mickey Mouse Merch display

The entrance towards Town Square now greets guests with featured collections, clothing for children, and toys.


The walls on either side of the door feature themed apparel and accessories.

Emporium t shirt wall

T-shirts featuring Mickey Mouse as well as characters from other animated favorites are featured here.

Emporium move

Merchandise displays moved around temporarily into a wagon wheel spoke pattern around pillars in this room.

Emporium move

Children’s apparel was housed on one spoke pattern, while hard toys and figurines were housed on the other.

Emporium move

They have since moved all the displays back in an aisle layout.


Merchandise from the upcoming film “Onward” has its place in the store.


Princess dresses and accessories moved to this front corner of the store.


In the next room, a new center display was installed in the plush section. Sadly, the days of character figures on these displays are long gone, replaced with shelving likely not custom-built for the shop. Now plush oddly sit on a pastry tower for some reason.


Smaller shelves in the back section were introduced some time ago.


Pins, MagicBands, stationery, and other assorted souvenirs are now on the right side of the first building.

Emporium move

A stationary section has taken up residence in the corner of this room.

Emporium move

The next room features house wares. The front half of the room has been taken over with the Ink and Paint line.

Emporium move

The room that used to house children’s clothes has become ladies wear and accessories.

Emporium move

Themed clothing lines, Alex & Ani bracelets, Disney Parks Jewelry Collection, and Loungefly backpacks are all here.

Emporium move

Moving on to Disney Clothiers, the technical name for the last few rooms of the building that starts as the Emporium, we have headwear, accessories, and Disney Parks backpacks.

Emporium move

A comprehensive display of t-shirts is housed here.

Emporium move

Spirit Jerseys and Hawaiian shirts can also be found in this room.

Emporium move

The room that leads into the Casey’s Corner seating area houses an impressive array of 2020 branded merchandise.

What do you think about the store’s refreshed layout? Is it missing anything you liked before? Let us know in the comments.

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Victor Nazarian
Victor Nazarian
1 year ago

Good description! I often cut through this store both coming and going when at MK and for me, the layout has always seemed a little chaotic. In a way I understand because Disney probably sells more when people have to wander inside the store a little more but I like to find what I want quickly.