REVIEW: New Limited-Time Thin Mint Churros with Ghirardelli Chocolate Fudge Now Available at Disney Springs

If you’re looking for a new treat to try on your next visit to Disney Springs, Sunshine Churros has a brand-new seasonal flavor. The Thin Mint Churro is available for a limited time in addition to their other 9 unique flavors. This is a fun twist on a thin mint cookie, served in the form of a warm churro.

The thin mint churro comes in the soft, cake-like twisted churro form that debuted back in November.

One order comes with two pieces of churro, thoroughly coated in milk chocolate powder. Mint icing and Ghirardelli fudge are drizzled across the top and then a fresh spring of mint tops it off.

They’ve successfully captured the taste of a thin mint cookie with the combination of toppings. The chocolate powder has a light taste that serves as a base and allows the mint and fudge to stand out. There’s just the right balance of mint and fudge, too.

Sunshine Churros has two locations at Disney Springs, so you’re never very far from a fresh hot churro. Sunshine Churros are far superior to the cinnamon sugar sticks sold in the park. Once you try these churros, you’ll never be able to go back. The Thin Mint Churro is a must have for a fan of the classic cookie, but hurry because it will only be available for a limited time.