“The Call Of The Wild” Is Looking To Go Down As A Loss At The Box Office For Disney

Things are not looking good at the box office for poor old Buck. This weekend, “The Call Of The Wild” came in third place and made $13 million at the box office. Overseas, the film made an additional $11 million. In total, “The Call Of The Wild” has grossed $79 million for its worldwide box office take.

What complicates matters for “The Call Of The Wild” was its larger-than-anticipated budget of $125 million. If you throw in marketing costs for the film, there is no way that it will make its money back at the box office. Analysts believe that in order for “The Call Of The Wild” to just break even, it will have to make $250-$275 million. Overseas, several theaters have closed due to the threat over the Coronavirus, and this will also have an affect on the overall box office for the film.

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Source: Variety

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