The Haunted Mansion Expected to Be Closed for Several Days Due to Undisclosed Reasons at the Magic Kingdom

Jessica Figueroa

The Haunted Mansion Expected to Be Closed for Several Days Due to Undisclosed Reasons at the Magic Kingdom

It seems the grim, grinning ghosts of the Magic Kingdom are refusing to come out and socialize, as the famed Haunted Mansion has been plagued with undisclosed technical issues since last night, when guests had to be evacuated from the ride.

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The attraction experienced a delayed opening this morning at the Magic Kingdom, and by that, we mean it never opened. At time of publishing, The Haunted Mansion is listed as “Temporarily Closed” on My Disney Experience.

We spoke to Cast Members at the location this morning who informed us that the attraction went down last night and hasn’t been running since. The outlook seemed “grim”, they said, but upon talking to Guest Relations, the closure might take longer than we think. Guest Relations Cast Members stated that the closure would last a total of three days, although that all depends on how quickly ride maintenance crews can get the ride back up and running.

Guests with FastPasses for The Haunted Mansion will likely receive a Multiple Experience FastPass+ in the time that the attraction remains closed.

12 thoughts on “The Haunted Mansion Expected to Be Closed for Several Days Due to Undisclosed Reasons at the Magic Kingdom”

  1. It broke down last month for a while when I was there. They walked everyone off and gave us fast passes. But it was back up in a few hours.

  2. I am really concerned with all these breakdowns with the Jungle Cruise, The People Mover Issues, Just to name a few. What seems to be happening hear. I am thinking someone needs to step up to the plate and figure out what is happening in the parks. This is not like Disney to be having all these breakdowns. Just get that funny gut feeling, only feel this in my gut that someone or something is not right here? I think it is time do be doing some house cleaning or getting these issues resolved ASAP! The 50th is coming up fast! It seems they are taking all the major rides down for referb and it should have been done a few years back. Why wait till just before the 50th. The Monorail was breaking down there for awhile just to name a few other things.

    • Heres hoping this is just a minor blip and not something tragic like you said, The 50th Anniversary is coming up, and no Disney ride should be experiencing issues like this! Not when a monumental event like the 50th is on the horizon!

    • It just gets amplified because of social media. These are mechanical rides. They break. Probably have to wait for a part or is in a tricky spot. Think of this way, when have you ever in your life heard of a Jungle Cruise ride taking on water. Never! That is a great track record.

  3. ℍ𝕒π•₯𝕓𝕠𝕩 𝔾𝕙𝕠𝕀π•₯…

  4. i have been noticing that as of late the buggies have been really jerky, it feels like the bushings are bad, Old Iger really let the parks go and put way to much money in to Shanghai, SWGE and the acquisition of the media properties.

  5. With the spring coming and Easter not very far away, you would think that Disney would make every attempt to rectify these issues. They raise prices, parks are overcrowded and you have to get fast passes to get on the main attractions months in advance. Is this really a Disney magical experience? And people pay for this!
    Disney should be ashamed of themselves. Walt is rolling around in his grave.

    If I could cancel my trip in April with my whole family, I would. And when you read the fine print, they can cancel Attractions at anytime at their discretion. Pathetic.

  6. (I was at the park on March 1st and rode it at park open, this was my post I made to Facebook)

    So for all my Disney park friends I had the scariest experience on one of my favorite rides The Haunted Mansion. So for those who don’t know I’m absolutely terrified of the dark.

    So we made it to the Magic Kingdom on our first day and the very first ride I wanted to go on was The Haunted Mansion, for two reasons; 1.) The kids hate scary things so I wanted to get it out of the way 2.) I LOVE the ride.

    So we get in line and not even a few minutes in line the kids start crying not wanting to go on, so Cameron took them out of the first room and I went alone….


    So I got passed the first half of the ride like normal, and made it to the room with the glowing eyes and was about to hit the endless hallway…. The eyes glowed and then it was PITCH BLACK! No endless hallway…. No hallway at all… No coffin… The lights were out but the sounds kept playing in the dark. So here I sat alone scared of the dark being whipped around with no one else.

    Thankfully the lights were on from Madem Leotas till the end….

    It was terrifying! 😱

  7. The Haunted Mansion is one of my favorite rides. If I didn’t know in advance of planning a vacation that it was down, I’d be really bummed to find out when I got there. This seems to be happening way too often anymore. Last time I was there, Splash Mountain was unexpectedly down all day and they had drained the water.

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