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Tokyo Disney Resort Operating Calendar Through September 2020 Now “Undecided”

The COVID-19 coronavirus situation is very fluid right now, and companies around the world are responding as best as they can. Here in Japan, Tokyo Disney Resort has been closed since February 29th to combat the spread of the coronavirus. While an opening date is currently slated for early April 2020, an exact date has not been set. To reflect the volatility of this situation, it seems the Oriental Land Company has entirely cleared its calendars. Quite literally.

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A visit to the official Tokyo Disney Resort website reveals that previously-set calendars with defined open times are now replaced with suesada, which means “Undecided” in Japanese. And this doesn’t just apply to next month.

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Tokyo Disney Resort releases its opening calendars about six months in advance, yet the calendar has been entirely cleared through September 30th. This doesn’t mean for sure that the parks will be closed for such an extended period, but does indicate that they don’t want to get anyone’s hopes up just yet.

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Personally, we doubt the parks will be closed that long. It seems to be more of an umbrella worst-case-scenario action more than anything else. We can only hope that the coronavirus situation in Japan is brought under control soon, and that Tokyo Disney Resort may reopen safely.

Be sure to keep your eyes on a trusted global news source and check with your doctor and the US State Department before travel to Japan and China. If you choose to come, wash your hands as often as possible, use hand sanitizer, and consider wearing a mask and/or touching your face as little as possible.

We’ll keep our eyes on developments here as well as in Shanghai and Hong Kong regarding the COVID-19 situation’s effect on Disney Parks operations. Are you disappointed that Tokyo Disney Resort is closed? Will you be visiting in 2020? Let us know below or on Twitter!

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