Orange County Mayor Says Walt Disney World Will Play Key Role in Post-Pandemic Reopening Process

Jessica Figueroa

Orange County Mayor Says Walt Disney World Will Play Key Role in Post-Pandemic Reopening Process

Jessica Figueroa

Orange County Mayor Says Walt Disney World Will Play Key Role in Post-Pandemic Reopening Process

With certain states finally seeing a leveling off of reported Coronavirus (COVID-19) cases, the nation is preparing to slowly re-open many of its smaller businesses in phases, and now Orange County Mayor Jerry Demings is looking to Walt Disney World to provide guidance on how.

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According to Click Orlando, Mayor Jerry Demings is taking the first steps to explore the potential reopening of some businesses in the aftermath of the pandemic, assembling a team of 45 business leaders to guide the way.

While the team will recruit small business owners from hair salons and barber shops, it will also look to theme park operators for advice on how to manage business as things begin to reopen. Demings noted that Disney could play a key role due to their experience as Orange County’s largest employer, as well as their experiences abroad with theme parks in Hong Kong, Shanghai, and Tokyo. Demings stated about Disney’s global experience:

“They’ve experienced some things — in terms of the planning process — that I believe could be beneficial and constructive to us as we begin to respond to the very uniqueness of our county.”

Demings is working in conjunction with neighboring Seminole, Osceola, and Lake counties, since so many of their residents commute to Orange County for work.

At some point today, President Trump will be announcing his timetable for the governors of some states to possibly reopen some businesses before May 1. Plans for Orange County are expected to be announced on Friday. Disney has yet to make any official statements regarding a potential re-opening date or process.

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34 thoughts on “Orange County Mayor Says Walt Disney World Will Play Key Role in Post-Pandemic Reopening Process”

    • YOU LEFT YOUR CAPS LOCK ON! And no, it doesn’t. At risk people and fear stricken wastes of space like you can stay home for a very long time, if that’s what you think is best, but your fear isn’t a real good reason to change the lives of everybody else.

      • No, But the CORONA VIRUS that is and has killed ALOT of People is the perfect reason to stay closed. So, do us all a favor and go out in a very crowded public place and catch the Corona and suffer. YOU are the waste of space and YOU are exactly why the Virus will never go away.

        Oops, I left my cap locks for some of the words!

          • You are comparing apples and oranges, since there was no shutdown for the flu. Numbers for this would be much higher with no shutdown. Opening up opens travel from other areas of the country that have not reached peak thus allowing reinfection in FL. Would be better to wait then havd to reclose.

        • Poor Scott. The only constant is change and nothing lasts forever. Calm down.

          This too shall pass. God has a plan. People will be able to safely gather again. Life and business will go on. And Disney will open in the relatively near future.

            • Agreed, not 100% necessarily on day 1, but I think they will begin to open the gates around then. As Emily said nothing lasts forever.

      • Rick, you are the WASTE of Space!! Stupid people like you are the reason we cannot contain the Virus. Our lives have already changed because of this Virus and Ignorant people like you!

        • Dude, if your unhealthy this virus will kill you, stay home. If not let’s work and entertain ourselves, enjoy life. People who call others stupid for there opinions, show their true intelligence.

      • He’s just a troll and wants to upset people but I have a good feeling it will be open in June with provisions! ! Fingers crossed! 🤞

      • Ahhhhhh yes of course everyone who may be a little apprehensive they’ve actually been paying attention and maybe this feels too soon is fodder for your moment in the sun when you get to show every one in cyber space what a fearless man of the world you are….you are not only disrespecting the individual you’re addressing but also every lost life and their families…those are our countrymen and who you insensitive basement dwelling cave troll …we are supposed to care about them a little more than that …regardless ofbyour political leanings or even your personal feelings about it one way or another …I am a Republican voter just to throw that out there and my heart is broken for our country and every one regardless of race color or religion we have lost is a bleeding wound that should be opened in all of our hearts …you worthless pus bag…so in just gonna say what I’m really feeling right now I could get my hands on you the caronavirus would have to get in line because I’d send you to an intensive care unit myself for the way you treated that person and how you used her fears of a very real threat against her …yojrevgarbagevand is likebto take you out like the garbage you piece of human filth

      • Man from what my mother whom is deep in the medical field said it is best not to go probably for a 3-5 years because. True testing and knowing will take that lkng for the true data to show, also if you open disney with people from all over the World the spread will be so harmful and like wild fire, especially if it comes back in just a few months in Fall. What then? Then you want see Disney for years so lets just pray God heals all this and we as a Nation or really Global keep out eyes upon him go do he works and share the Gospel. I understand you wanting it we all do but Life is to short and precious to just take major risk with a serious Virus like this. It may be way worse if it comes back in fall because its already here now!!!

  1. My mom is an at-risk person (she’s over 60 and has some health issues). While we do have trips planned for late June/early July, September, and December/January, we won’t be going unless things have considerably calmed down or until there’s a vaccine. I’m bracing myself for months of disappointments of not being able to go to my happy place.

    • Chrissy you need to understand that the pandemic will not end until we either have a vaccine or 90 percent of have had the virus.

      Your 60 year old mother will not be safe until she is vacinated. She has absolutely no business at any place where crowds gather.

      I love my mom and if I were in the same situation I would cancel the trip for this year and hope for summer 2021 pending a vaccine.

  2. I’m sure Disney will take a slow go approach once the ok is given. Perhaps only opening a few hotels at a time, and possibly limiting the amount of guests in each park, then slowly ramping up. Social distancing in the transportation sector will be a challenge. But these issues can all be worked out. So let’s all keep our fingers crossed and not be like the ALL CAPS poster.

    • I think you are correct. My thoughts as well. I am ok with some restrictions as long as I can get some Disney Magic. We had a family trip scheduled for May to celebrate my grand-daughter’s 5th birthday and had to reschedule to July 4th weekend. I’m praying we can keep that and not be forced to reschedule again. Good thing she is only turning 5, and doesn’t realize that her birthday celebration is not around her actual birthday.

  3. Here’s a little “inside baseball” for you guys. They’ve changed Project Gamma to Project Grandma since Epcot won’t be finished for decades and the CDC has reason to believe patient zero regularly ate at the ABC Commissary

  4. Yup! They should open up soon. Coronavirus is here to stay. If you’re scared, don’t leave your house and certainly don’t go to Disney. My rights don’t end where your fears begin.

    • I’m amazed by the people who think they get to make decisions for other people. You don’t. I’ll be at Disney with my family as soon as it’s open. Can’t wait! Plus the Cast Members at Disney have always been AMAZING! I bet it’ll be the cleanest place on Earth. Just use some common sense folks. It seems to be in short supply these days. We can have fun and be hygienic at the same time. If you can’t …we won’t miss you at the Parks.

  5. COVID 19 is not a death sentence.

    Leaving WDW closed after June would be a death sentence to WDW. They borrowed $6B new debt. But at $30M per day, that is only 20 days. And we’ve burned through that. There’s probably $50B to burn through before total collapse. That’s about half a year at this rate. And it’s not going to get back to awesome profitably in day 1 re-open. So it can’t stay closed 6 months. 3 months is about it.

    Once sea world or Busch gardens or old Town or six flags goes bankrupt, we’ll know that Disney is probably not too far behind.

    On the virus:
    There is some thinking out there that it is inevitable that a large portion of the population will get it. Flattening the curve has just delayed people getting sick. Shelter in place for a month or two can’t prevent people from catching it. (And that choice puts the high risk population in more danger by keeping it around longer).

    So now, we’ll all get sick AND be in the midst of economic collapse. By some people’s design, that would be a tremendously good thing to happen in late October / early November.

    The only GOOD measure for the future is to allow unconditional refunds if you claim illness. (Maybe prove it with a thermometer reading).

    Standing in a line with unscreened people in order to be screened is too late to identify contagious people. That’s like discovering the gun at the security check point while they’re already shooting!!!

      • Than, no. Ron said it is not “a death sentence” . Meaning just because you contract CoVid 19, it does not mean you will die from it. I mean we all will eventually die from something . Life in and of itself is a death sentence.

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