Re-Open Florida Task Force Meeting Today to Determine Timetable on Theme Park Reopenings, Including Walt Disney World Resort Opening First to Floridians

With Governor Ron DeSantis’ Re-Open Florida Task Force Executive Committee now fully assembled, it seems the governor is already in talks with Walt Disney World executives in order to spearhead a plan for reopening businesses across Florida. The special committee is tasked with figuring out a timetable on when the local parks, like Walt Disney World, will be able to reopen, and they will be meeting today to determine the first potential steps.

According to Spectrum News 13, some of the steps being considered include:

  • Timetable for coming back
  • Reopening will have to be gradual
  • State residents, then national and international visitors

The Task Force will be determining gradual reopening steps for the state, which is considered to be approaching Phase One of the White House’s three-phase reopening guidelines. Also under consideration is the notion of opening to local and state residents first, then national and international visitors.

Final recommendations will be sent in by the end of the week for the Governor to review.

Walt Disney World Resort remains closed indefinitely, and no official reopening date has been identified.

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  1. I understand why they would open to state residents first but I don’t like it. There are so many out of state passholders who should get compensated if Disney reopens but won’t let them come for months afterthey reopen.

    1. They are extending our APs the length they are closed. If they only open to Florida residents then AP holders in other states will have their passes extended as long as it’s closed to non Florida residents.

  2. I wonder how they would handle AP extensions, not that it is overly important, but I am curious. If they open to FL residents only, will they keep extending out of state APs until the parks are open for such people?

  3. The “open to local” first might be a brilliant move. Release the pent up pressure from those who could overload the system the most (locals), keep the annual passes active (i.e., not give refunds) and figure out the rest of the procedures for a month or so until the supply chains can get back to operational, local workers get phased back in (including off site tourist workers who would have to deal with an influx of out of staters), and target a mid-summer full open to all visitors. And I’m saying this as an out of stater with reservations still booked.

    1. I agree Wolverine, my wife and I have reservations for late July and still have them booked. We have no intentions of cancelling just yet unless Disney pushes back the closure even further. We also have reservations for late December too. Going to ring in the New Year at Disney!!

      1. Upcoming reservation here as well- July 8-19 and crossing our fingers that all will be open. We get notices of added concerts for F & W @ EPCOT for our Nov. trip. Had to cancel the April trip. Magic Express still allowing data to be entered and our flight just got changed.

  4. They’ll open to everyone or no one. Disney can see a class action lawsuit from Don & Gola coming a mile away. Just continue to use all of your free time to make futile fast pass reservations and watch shows about attractions that will never be built rather than donate or volunteer to help others

    1. They will have soft open (FL res only, maybe) just so that cast members can get a new feel for how things will function for a few months. However, Since Disney is allowing for rebooking visits June 1, many weeks are fully booked from June 15th through the end of the year. This should give a good indication of where things are going and just how ready America is to get back to a state of normalcy. And the more ACTUAL FACTS that come out, the more and more it looks like that normal America we are all used to will come sooner other than later.

  5. As an “out of state AP holder” I’m ok so far with this plan. It kind of makes sense to roll out these new procedures with the local population to keep the crowds low and to make sure they are doable and also to fine tune. Then once they’re comfortable with this “new normal”, open it up gradually to everyone else. With the international travel limits, it will most likely be awhile for out of country visitors.

  6. Disney had to move a ton of quests reservations To past June 1st and offered a bounce back type deal with the free dining plan. It would make more sense to open to resort guest only first, since they Know and could control those numbers better than an unknown amount of Floridians coming to the parks. Plus, financially Disney would recover more loss with on-site quests than locals.

      1. I don’t disagree with you I’m just saying financially they already made a decision when to open. It’s possible they would cancel again, but probably unlikely. One possibility would be an end of May opening to “locals” and then general on June 1 st. I’m sure some type of measures are already planned in how they house people with a certain amount of distancing.

    1. It’s about safety! I don’t think flights should even be happening in the country right now. You can still bring infections by traveling here. It’s more safe to keep people in their state. I live at Wdw and I don’t want a risky reopening.

  7. Time to open up the country. We all know how to handle this and take care of the fragile and elderly. Let us all decide how much risk we are willing to take. Not a popular opinion I know, but at least I know for now I am still allowed to have my own opinion. OPEN HER UP AND LET’S SEE THE PENT UP DEMAND ALL OVER THE COUNTRY! :)

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