Walt Disney World Resort Removes Park Hours Through May 16

Many guests with Walt Disney World vacations in mid- to late May are holding on to those reservations until ultimately met with a cancellation email. In line with recent reports of cancellations through May 16, it seems Walt Disney World Resort has now removed park hours through May 16 on their website as well as on the My Disney Experience app.

Park calendars are set up months in advance, so we’ll be seeing the removal of park hours as the extended closure continues in phases.

Currently, no park hours are listed from today through May 16. The first set of hours available start on Sunday, May 17. Do note that this is not indicative of a “new” potential reopening date. New reservations are only being accepted for travel starting on June 1 or later.

Walt Disney World Resort remains closed until further notice, and a reopening date has not yet been identified. You can check park hour calendars by clicking here.

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