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Watch a Full Recap of WDWNT The RPG – “The Tomorrowland Travesty”

The adventurers are called to Tomorrowland by the Governor by a puzzling telegram. Can they avoid Space Bees, comedy monsters, and stale churros to solve the puzzles in time to stop a catastrophe and discover who the Phantom really is?

This episode’s featured players are Matthew Soberman, Pete Carney, Alison Walminski, Ashley Jasmer, Eric Wolfe, and Ben Harris as “Ben”

Short on time or just want to check out the show before watching? Enjoy this highlight where the players talk to an animated cat from the Laugh Floor.

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Hooked? Now you’re ready to watch the entire episode below!

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WDWNT The RPG is our custom written, tabletop style role-playing game set in and around Walt Disney World. Each episode our cast of players take on characters in the Freelance Adventure Company to solve mysteries, discover secrets, and explore. In their ongoing story, they are attempting to thwart some kind of Phantom from keeping the attractions in disrepair.