BREAKING: Disney Springs to Reopen on May 20 at Walt Disney World

It has been announced that Disney Springs will begin reopening in phases starting on May 20 at Walt Disney World.

The phased reopening of Disney Springs will begin on May 20. Following the guidance of government and health officials, a limited number of shopping and dining experiences owned by third-party operating participants will begin to open during this initial phase. The rest of Walt Disney World Resort will remain closed, including theme parks and resort hotels.

As Disney continues to monitor conditions, and with the health of guests and Disney cast members at the forefront of planning, Disney Springs is making several operational changes. Disney Springs will begin to reopen in a way that incorporates enhanced safety measures, including increased cleaning procedures, the use of appropriate face coverings by both cast members and guests, limited-contact guest services and additional safety training for cast members.

Disney will apply learnings and ideas from leaders in the health and travel industries to guide any future reopenings. The company is already in talks with the unions to prepare for some cast members to return to work.

During the initial opening phase, Disney Springs will have limitations on capacity, parking and operating hours. Additional protocols and procedures may be announced closer to the opening date. Additional information will be released on the Disney Springs reopening landing page regarding the most current information on operating hours, locations and safety procedures as the May 20 date nears.

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  1. I hope no one decides to protest that “appropriate face coverings” bit.

    1. I hope they do, it’s stupid, does more harm than good and people like you are dumb sheeple that believes whatever your overlords have told you. Numbers don’t lie. This is less serious than seasonal flu.

      1. Sounds like these so-called “sheeple” are the ones who will get to enjoy Disney parks a lot sooner. So who are the smart ones again?

      2. Amy – You are 100% right. We need more practical cost benefit analysis dictating policy and not unjustified fear mongering aimed at pacification and asserting dominance over the majority of the population benefiting a self-selected few elites, who then do not even follow their own edicts.

        We cannot give up our constitution rights because elites claim “public health” supersedes. With such a mindset, we have no rights. That being said, private property owners such as Disney can require what they please, but the government cannot.

      3. “It’s hard to win an argument with a smart person, but it’s damn near impossible to win an argument with a stupid person.“

        In the interest of clarity, “impressions de Frank” isn’t the stupid person in this discussion.

      4. Ok, I’ll jump in here. The “seasonal” flu never killed 76,000 people in less than 3 months and climbing. Tell all those heroic first responders, doctors and nurses it’s just the flu. You’re right about one thing. Numbers don’t lie.

      5. Cast members dont want to catch whatever you’re carrying so if you’re not wearing a mask stay home karen

    2. If someone doesn’t want to wear a mask in public, then I hope they just stay home. It’s better for everyone.

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