Disney Shuts Down “Frozen” On Broadway Permanently Due to COVID-19 Pandemic

Jessica Figueroa

Disney Shuts Down “Frozen” On Broadway Permanently Due to COVID-19 Pandemic

Jessica Figueroa

Disney Shuts Down “Frozen” On Broadway Permanently Due to COVID-19 Pandemic

Broadway aficionados and Frozen fans alike are shocked at the announcement that “Frozen” On Broadway will be permanently ending its run and not returning after the COVID-19 shutdown on Broadway.

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According to The New York Times, Disney Theatrical Productions stated that its stage adaptation of “Frozen” will not reopen once the pandemic eases, making it the first musical to get permanently shut down due to the health crisis.

“Frozen” was never the Broadway powerhouse that “The Lion King” and “Aladdin” proved to be, and the theatrical company does not believe the crowds will be back once the lockdown is lifted. The production was mildly received by critics and by February, was only averaging $1 million in weekly sales.

Thomas Schumacher, President of Disney Theatrical Productions issued the following statement in a letter to staff:

“This difficult decision was made for several reasons but primarily because we believe that three Disney productions will be one too many titles to run successfully in Broadway’s new landscape.”

Broadway remains closed after New York Governor Andrew Cuomo banned gatherings of over 500 people on March 12. Disney plans on resuming the theatrical tour of “Frozen” once theaters reopen across North America in hopes that it fares better outside of New York.

Source: The New York Times

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3 thoughts on “Disney Shuts Down “Frozen” On Broadway Permanently Due to COVID-19 Pandemic”

  1. Quick correction: This is the second Broadway musical shut down. Beetlejuice was already closed permanently due to COVD–19, in addition to a number of plays. Still, very sad.

  2. I wish they would let it stay open, but costs have to be cut. At least they’re planning on continuing the tour, which is great. I really want to see it, but don’t live anywhere near New York sadly. I like the musical better than the movie, tbh. (Though Frozen 2 was great, don’t get me wrong.) Hopefully the performers have been given enough notice that they’ll be able to make plans for other auditions.

  3. If you read closely they said it was a mild success, meaning it was making money but just not enough money.

    This is a sad comment, maybe discount the tickets and pack the houses so more people can see the show so it is a popular success.
    and make a little less money.

    Although given the current times, i guess you don’t want to ‘pack the houses

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