PHOTO REPORT: Disney Springs Phased Reopening 5/20/20 (Guest Relations Reopens, New Fitting Room Policies at Stores, COVID-19 Warnings, and More)


PHOTO REPORT: Disney Springs Phased Reopening 5/20/20 (Guest Relations Reopens, New Fitting Room Policies at Stores, COVID-19 Warnings, and More)


PHOTO REPORT: Disney Springs Phased Reopening 5/20/20 (Guest Relations Reopens, New Fitting Room Policies at Stores, COVID-19 Warnings, and More)

Today is a very big day, Pascal! The phased reopening of Disney Springs began today, bringing with it the reopening of select third-party owned and operated restaurants and retail locations. With social distancing floor markings, face masks required for all guests and Cast Members, and enhanced sanitation procedures in place, we felt safe and ready to step in to this whole new world.

Orange garage heath sign

Right away, there were signs reminding guests to how to stay healthy and safe.

Orange garage temperature check

With temperature checks mandatory for every guest before you even leave the parking garage, safety is being taken seriously here at Disney Springs. Here’s a look at how the process works:

Sunshine churros

Sunshine Churros was open at 10am, we had a hard time waiting even that long!

table service reopening ds 12

STK had their tables spaced apart, and when they opened at 11:30am, had a line waiting to enter (socially distanced, of course.)

Stk reopening

A cheer went up when they opened the doors.

disney springs qsfb social distancing markers 25

Wine Bar George and The Basket were both open, to the delight of wine lovers everywhere. Wine Bar George is already booked for the next two weeks, but you can walk right up to The Basket!

table service reopening ds 29

The Boathouse was open, and fans certainly turned out to enjoy this top-notch dining experience.

Pandora reopening

Pandora jewelry fans were eager to make their next purchase, and queued up well before the opening to be the first in the store.

Welcome center

The Welcome Center was open and ready to assist guests with whatever they may need. We learned that while you can normally rent strollers, wheelchairs, and ECVs at Disney Springs, you cannot do so now. There are a very limited number of complimentary units available at this Guest Relations locations, but they are first-come, first-serve. We do not know when the ability to rent units will return.

Uniqlo front

UNI QLO had a strict one way in, through, and out of the store. Count was being kept of how many guests were inside at once.

Uniqlo directional

Social distancing and flow of traffic was clearly marked throughout the store, but especially at the checkout area.

Uniqlo containment

They also devised a very strict policy regarding the changing rooms. Any item tried on in the changing rooms or returned to the store after being purchased is put into one of these containment units, and kept in quarantine in the back room for two days before being put back out on the sales floor. Each fitting room is also being fully sanitized in between each guest. For more pictures and information, you can read our full article here.

Ronjon front

Ron Jon Surf Shop was keeping track of guest count at the door as well, and had clearly-marked social distancing guidelines.

Ronjon inside

Seeing these measures being taken in each store makes me feel that with so many guides in place to help you, it should be easy to follow the new rules.

blaze pizza reopening 2

Blaze Pizza brought back a sense of familiarity, with very little changed aside from social distancing in the queue and seating areas.

more blaze pizza reopening 4

You can still get your pizza exactly the way you like it, made to order right before your eyes. You can check out our full experience here.

Disney springs reopening store fronts social distancing 3

Every store, regardless of their opening status today, had social distancing queue markers outside. The smaller the shop, the more marks there were, to accommodate a longer line. Also very large establishments had long lines, in keeping with their capacity.

Disney springs reopening store fronts social distancing 9

Some stores, like Vera Bradley, had welcome back signs that spelled out what they were doing for their employees and how to safely shop in their store.

more chicken guy reopening 1

Chicken Guy! was one of the locations to see a large line outside well past opening time.

more chicken guy reopening 4

This was the end of the line at one point, well past Tommy Bahama!

Wolfgang puck

Wolfgang Puck Bar & Grill also opened today, and while they were busy, seemed to be handling their capacity well and didn’t have a wait for much of the day.

orange garage parking disney springs temperature screening reopening may 20 3

New COVID-19 Warning signs are scattered throughout the complex, and the warning has also been integrated into the My Disney Experience app. The warning states that “by visiting Walt Disney World, you voluntarily assume all risks related to exposure to COVID-19.”

It was really wonderful to be back on Disney property again, we can’t wait for the parks to reopen (as long as it’s safe!) Did you come to Disney’s Springs today? Will you be visiting soon? Let us know in the comments!