PHOTOS: Construction Walls Erected for New “Shine Bar + Social” Patio Bar at Chef Art Smith’s Homecomin’ in Disney Springs; Concept Art Revealed

Disney Springs has reopened its gates to the public today, and we have been enjoying getting a good look at all the developments which have been progressing since the district’s closure over these past few weeks.

One exciting new addition to the drinking and dining scene at Disney Springs which we came across is this “Shine Bar & Social”, which looks to be a new patio seating area connected to Chef Art Smith’s Homecomin’. Let’s take a closer look at what has been going on…

Upon approaching the Homecomin’ area, we can see a large portion of the pathway is blocked off with turquoise construction walls. An exciting “Chef Art Smith’s Homecomin’ Shine Bar + Social” advertisement is posted on the end wall for the newest bar location.

We can see workers are working atop the construction site, although little can be seen behind the high construction walls.

A snazzy-looking patio bar seating area is displayed on the construction walls surrounding the site. It looks like it’ll have a cool, monochrome theme, with relaxing views looking out over the springs.

Chef Art himself is looking rather excited to welcome the guests in.

Back in March, we reported that Homecomin’ had terminated the employment of their staff due to the pandemic closures and concerns. We look forward to seeing what their newest location add-on will offer, so stay tuned for more information as we watch the construction progress.

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