PHOTOS, VIDEO: Stormtroopers Now Patrolling Disney Springs to Ensure Compliance with Proper Social Distancing

If you’ve visited Disney Springs since it reopened last week, or you’ve been following our comprehensive coverage, you’re probably aware of the strict procedures in place to keep guests healthy and safe following the COVID-19 pandemic. We’ve seen face masks, hand washing stations, and social distancing markers as part of the heavily-enforced new protocol… but who better to enforce these new rules than the elite soldiers of the Galactic Empire––erm, First Order?

That’s right, Stormtroopers are now on patrol to ensure safety and security in the Disney Springs galaxy.

They’re even armed. Safety needs to be taken seriously, people!

The first patrol of Stormtroopers have been stationed on a balcony above Kiehl’s, Uno de 50 and Ever After Jewelry Co. in the Town Center side of Disney Springs. Their signature red flags have been hung along the railings to mark their new territory… Where else were they supposed to go if Batuu is sealed for decontamination?

Another set of Stormtroopers can be seen on the roof of the AMC theater. Next to this “Shop, Dine, Play” banner, things almost look dystopian.

You can watch the Stormtroopers in action in the videos below:

It may not make much sense in terms of thematic integrity, but we appreciate seeing the characters making a fun appearance in Disney Springs. Next time you’re in Disney Springs, just make sure you follow the new health and safety requirements, and if you think that face mask is annoying, just ask one of these bucketheads. Now, move along!

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  1. This is fun.

    And functional if you think about. If they are up high, they can see who is distancing and who isn’t, and they could radio down to Security or even better, JUST SHOUT AT THEM. If you get yelled at by a Stormtrooper for no mask, are you going to take it personally? Even if you get mad at them, they’re Troopers, you are already programmed to not like them anyway, so what’s the harm?

    It’s kinda brilliant. Only thing better would be if those blasters were squirt blasters. It’s hot here most days.

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