PHOTOS: World of Disney and Marketplace Co-Op Utilizing Virtual Queuing System for Reopening at Disney Springs

Today is the first day that select Disney-owned stores are reopening at Disney Springs. This includes two of the shopping district’s main flagship stores: World of Disney and the Marketplace Co-Op. In anticipation of the large crowds visiting the stores, a new virtual queuing system has been implemented to help manage crowds, and maintain those all-important social distancing protocols.

Cast Members in blue checkered shirts are scattered across store entrances, ready to greet guests. At the dedicated entrance to World of Disney, Cast Members with iPads are taking down details for each party, in order to place them in the virtual queue system. Guests are being asked to give their first and last initials (rather than typing out full names), telephone number, and a count of how many people they will be shopping with.

Upon being successfully registered into the virtual queue, guests receive a text message confirming that they are “in line” and will receive another text when it is time for them to enter the store.

Queues can be seen stretching out along the entrances to both stores as guests clamor to buy the latest Disney Parks merchandise.

The same setup and procedure is available at the Marketplace Co-Op.

Lines continue winding further down as crowds begin to pour into Disney Springs for this second phase of the reopening. The shopping, dining, and entertainment district officially opens at 10:00 AM, but guests were allowed into the Orange Garage for parking as early as 8:00 AM.

Guests will begin getting called to World of Disney and the Marketplace Co-Op starting at 10:00 AM. Capacity for World of Disney is 200, and that is how many guests will be called in at official open. After that, guests will be let in on a one-in, one-out basis. No word yet on how long of a window guests have to return to the store once they receive a text, but make sure to follow our minute-by-minute live updates on Twitter and Instagram for these answers and more.

If you are visiting Disney Springs today, be prepared for crowds. Don’t forget your face mask, and make sure your cell phone is handy to use that virtual system. Happy shopping!

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1 year ago

So what happens if you don’t have a cell phone? or like a lot of tourists their phone don’t work in the USA? whats the back up plan or don’t bother shopping cause your not going to get in?