Some Annual Passholders with Resort Guest Reservations Not Allowed to Make Additional Disney Park Pass Selections

Jessica Figueroa

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Some Annual Passholders with Resort Guest Reservations Not Allowed to Make Additional Disney Park Pass Selections

Jessica Figueroa

Updated on:

Some Annual Passholders with Resort Guest Reservations Not Allowed to Make Additional Disney Park Pass Selections

Early on this morning with the launch of the Disney Park Pass system for Annual Passholders, we came across an interesting issue with the reservation process. After booking theme park reservations for our respective resort stays earlier in the week, we weren’t sure whether we’d also get our allotted 3 Annual Passholder reservations in addition to those.

Upon attempting to make additional reservations today, we found that we were only able to make one reservation before receiving the “Not So Fast” error page on the Park Pass system.

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Some Annual Passholders have reported not being able to make any additional theme park reservations outside of the ones they were able to make tied to their resort booking. (Meanwhile, other APs have been able to make additional reservations, so your mileage may vary.)

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Disney states the following on its Annual Passholder “Know Before You Go” page:

“All Annual Passholders are eligible to make Theme Park reservations for up to 3 days at a time, or Annual Passholders staying at select Disney Resort or other select hotels with valid Theme Park admission are eligible to make Theme Park reservations for their entire Resort length of stay.”

It seems Annual Passholders are ultimately limited to either 3 Disney Park Pass reservations or a set number of reservations allotted through a resort booking.

If you’re an Annual Passholder and have theme park reservations made through a resort booking already, you may be blocked from making an additional 3 reservations. Availability is going extra fast for Annual Passholders, so this may be Disney’s way of regulating theme park reservations.

Are you an Annual Passholder that was unable to secure additional reservations today? Let us know in the comments.

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  1. yes I was and I don’t have a resort. I’m AP only platinum plus to be exact. I email them quick it took till after 730am to get my 3 days. My birthday was sold out by time I got in and was not happy.

  2. I am not able to make my reservations but I do currently have 4 made so that doesnt make sense. but I confirmed with 3 different cast members on Monday when I made my reservations that I would be able to make my 3 outside of my resort reservations.

  3. I was able to make 8 reservations for my 10 day stay for my August resort stay but only able to pick 2 days for my off site stay in October

  4. Hmm…. I have 4 resort reservations (September, November, January, February) with park passes and I just made an annual pass reservation no problem. Seems like another glitch.

  5. So I woke up at 5am. And was on my laptop at 6:25am and I was able to get 3 days with no problem at all. But my sister in law I couldn’t get her to join us yet back in March we booked fast passes together and she’s an annual passholder and disney vacation club member. So I tried to call at 6:50 and there not open. I called at 7:00 “sorry all lines are busy” but was shocked that I was able to get the days I need so fast and shocked the site didn’t crash this time. GOOD LUCK EVERYONE! See you at MK on July 18th daughter’s first birthday!

  6. I could not make any additional reservations this morning. Very frustrating though, when I see on Instagram that other apps have been able to make additional ones.

  7. Okay, I am finished parking my park pass reservations. I have my resort reservations and THREE annual passholder reservations.. 2 in August and 1 in September. I hope other guests can comment and see if they’re able to do it also.

  8. I have a resort stay in july 2020. I have 2 park passes booked for myself then. I was also, just now, able to book 3 more park passes for myself and my daughter for dates in august and september. no problems.

  9. According to the availability calendar, they are also giving preference to resort guests. It shows availability for resort guests for July 11-15th, but nothing is available for Annual Passholder without a resort reservation as of 8:30 am on June 26th.

  10. Wasn’t able to make any Passholder park reservations since we made our ones that included resort stay (on Monday)

  11. Yes I’m one of those passholders that couldn’t book any more park reservations due to the fact that I have Resort reservations in September.
    But, passholders be on the look out for an email that will give you an invitation for registration on July 9th & 10th for the Passholder Preview days.

  12. This is happening to me … so upsetting cuz my reservation for the resort are not until September

  13. I had a similar issue. I cancelled my Epcot reservation to get a Hollywood studios slot. however, because I had a reservation, it wouldn’t let me get access to the AP pool of reservations for Hollywood Studios. on Chat with help now after 90 minutes, we’ll see what happens

  14. I have 17 DVC resort park passes and I was able to book my 3 additional AP passes this morning. Seems to be another IT issue for Disney.

    • Update: I’ve actually been able to make 5 AP park pass reservations on days I don’t have room reservations. Not sure if I could keep going or not but there definitely are glitches in their system with all kinds of different results.

  15. This happened to me this morning 😡. I am a platinum pass holder and I am beyond frustrated with DISNEY!!!!!

  16. I have two resort stays upcoming. I am also a Annual Passholder. For the first stay, I was able to book park reservations for the length of stay. For the second stay, I was only able to book one park day and received the message “Not so fast”. I thought we could book park reservations for the entire stay.

  17. Hello! So I have a resort reservation for March 2021 that I was able to book yesterday after having questions answered by a cast member. I woke up early and was at the ready at 7am for AP availability for my trip in July but was only able to make 2 days. Maybe once APHs get the email for the preview days that will count as the last one? Currently on hold for the 2nd time, as my first call got dropped.

  18. I am so furious at this. so I book a room for February, get park passes for my trip. Now I get to pay a monthly payment for the privilege of not going to the parks until February. How is this at all fair?

  19. Yes I am a FL resident AP and being able to only get 3 reservations is so unfair. I pay to have no blockouts and am not getting what I am paying for. This is one area Universal is doing things better than Disney. I will be spending more time at Universal I guess this year.

  20. The system gave errors at 7am and the annual passholders preview days July 9th & 10th were not available for selection How is that?

  21. Yes this was a shock to see when I tried to book park passes. I even cancelled all of my resort park reservations and I went to try to book but it was too late, everything I wanted to book was already gone. Can’t believe Disney dropped the ball on this whole system, wait sorry it’s my fault I forgot. I’ve been on hold since 8am hoping they can make this right, we’ll see.

  22. This is crazy! No I cannot make additional reservations because I made park reservations for my resort stay in November back on 6/22 when they opened resort reservations. My passes expire Dec 1st! Of course we want to go a few times before our November stay. They need to fix this!

  23. I am an new annual Passholder trying to go for my honeymoon and have a resort stay for 10 days but I am unable to reserve more than 3 days. What can I do?

  24. My family and I are all AP holders. I was able to make my park reservations for my family on my upcoming trip in September and also for my wife and I for a February trip, both with a resort stay. I attempted to make park reservations in June 2021 without a resort stay, which I was able to secure one day for the whole family. The second day I attempted to reserve, I was only able to book for my wife and I. The system stated I need to remove my children from the reservation due to them being over the reservation limit, but everyone in the family has same amount of reservations.

  25. I am getting the ‘Not so Fast’; page.
    Earlier in the week I was able to make reservations based on my two resort stays. It today, i have been only allowed to make 1 reservation

  26. Exactly what happened to me.

    Booked our resort trips in December and February after 15 hours of frustration while they fixed that annual pass glitch.

    Ideally want to add an additional week at Disney resort in December but for now no new reservations allowed for 2020. But still going on 12/6 and can stay elsewhere

    So today I get up and at 7:01 book our first day 12/7 at Animal Kingdom. No problem!
    Go for 12/8 and it only allows me to book one of us at Epcot. No problem, I know the drill from earlier on the week, switch to incognito mode and only do one at a time for each of us. Nope, another Disney glitch. And of course all circuits are busy for any Disney number

  27. Surprisingly I was able to get right on to the Park reservation site and was not able to get anymore park reservations. I due have a trip in August that we got passes for already and it gave me the same prompt as above. grrrr

  28. have a resort reservation for late July so I called Disney for clarification if the passes with my stay count toward the 3 that AP are allowed. They said NO you can do both. I go online this morning at 7am, system says i have too many park pass reservations. very upset with Disney now

  29. I know someone who was having trouble getting reservations for MK. Honestly, I am an avid Disney lover and would go every day if I could, but I’m a little taken aback and sad that people are trying to manipulate the system and get more than the allotted days if they are already getting four days with their resort reservation. I’m happy Disney saw this coming and put safeguards in place.
    It means I will be spending one or two days at the Springs or at the pool, instead of going to the parks, but if I have my share of time and others are able to get in, then I am fine with it.
    I’m more frustrated that I have a park hopper pass with no park hopper perks and nothing else to show for it. That said, these are very unusual times and it is what it is. First world problems… and I am well aware and thankful that I am even able to go.

  30. Yes I had same experience. The statement on the site could have been made a bit clearer to set the expectation.

  31. I am a annual pass holder and was surprised that I could only make three reservations. There are four parks. I like to go once a week. So I guess when I complete my first day. I can go back and get the fourth park. Seems like someone would have considered this.

  32. I see that Disneyland Paris APHs are getting their APs extended by 5 months. But no such love for APHs here in the United States. Why is that Disney?

  33. I was able to make 1 day as an Annual Passholder. My resort reservation isn’t until November. I won’t be able to use my AP that I paid for until November. Or I cancel my park reservations tied to my resort stay and take the risk on not getting park entry with my family. This is a poor decision by someone. And what is worse is that some people were allowed to make 3. So which is it?

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