Josh D’Amaro Pens Thoughtful Message on the Reopening of Disney Parks Worldwide

Jessica Figueroa

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Josh D’Amaro Pens Thoughtful Message on the Reopening of Disney Parks Worldwide

Jessica Figueroa

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Josh D’Amaro Pens Thoughtful Message on the Reopening of Disney Parks Worldwide

Josh D’Amaro, recently-named Chairman of Disney Parks, Experiences and Products, has always been a “man of the people”, and in light of the recent announcement for a proposed Disneyland Resort reopening, he has issued a thoughtful letter reflecting on these announcements, and reassuring guests that the magic is indeed returning. You can read his full letter below.


With the announcement of the proposed reopening dates for the Disneyland Resort, we are one more exciting step closer to reopening all of our Disney parks and experiences around the world.  Throughout the past few weeks, we have reopened Shanghai Disneyland, Disney Springs and several Disney stores, and set dates for both Walt Disney World and Disneyland Resorts, with more announcements coming soon.

We are purposefully taking baby steps during this very intentional phased approach.  As one of the first major theme parks to close our operations and the last to reopen, we have been deliberate about keeping the health and safety of our cast, guests and local communities top of mind. And as we look forward to bringing our cast members back to work, and welcoming you back as cherished guests – we know it will take all of us working together responsibly to recapture the magic.

We’re fortunate to be guided by a talented team of professionals who’ve helped us implement a variety of new health and safety measures reflecting the guidance of local health and government authorities. These are designed with both the cast and guests in mind for the unique environments of each of our parks, resorts and stores.

While certain aspects of your visit may change, I assure you the quality of our storytelling, magic of our experiences and the caliber of our cast members has not. We recognize the trust that you have in the Disney brand, and we will continue to earn your trust every day.  

My confidence comes in part from all of the hard work our teams have been doing behind the scenes in the past few months… as well as by the early successes we have seen at Shanghai Disneyland, the first of our theme parks to reopen. Guest satisfaction has been extremely high, and we will continue to make sure that as we bring back experiences, our attention to promoting your safety, maintaining your trust and providing unique ways for you to come together with family and friends to create new memories remains high as well.

Walt Disney once said that it takes people to make the dream a reality, and as we prepare ourselves to reopen his original park, I want you to know how eternally grateful I am for all of you who have made Disney parks, stores, hotels, cruise lines, guided tours and vacation properties part of your lives, as well as for the cast members, crew members, Imagineers, and employees who have brought them to life for the past 65 years.  

I know this has been a difficult year due to the impacts of COVID-19, but I can’t help but feel a great sense of hope and optimism. And like many of you, I look forward to hearing the laughter and seeing the joy of families making memories together… and I can’t wait to see you when the magic returns to all of our parks and resorts. 

Be well, 

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5 thoughts on “Josh D’Amaro Pens Thoughtful Message on the Reopening of Disney Parks Worldwide”

  1. A “man of the people” wouldn’t have passholders spend the same, if not more money, when they won’t be getting the major benefit of being a passholder and that is park-hopping. He should be having all platinum or platinum plus people spending gold prices for the duration that park-hopping is discontinued.

  2. It’s a nice letter and I think he means well, but the high cost of these Disney trips simply is not worth it when so much is taken away or reduced. I am ready for the magic to be back as well, and was hoping it would happen soon, but I think it will be a while. We missed our May trip and rescheduled for September. Too much is stripped and limited though. Especially since this would have been my niece and nephew’s first trip. I hope they can get the full Disney experience next year. Hate to sound down, but I am just so tired of all if this and am ready for things to be back to normal. Those that can go enjoy, enjoy it for all of us!

  3. Blah Blahhh Blahhhhhhh is what I read ,Disney is a hot mess right now and they got caught with their pants down. They have been spending $ like a teenager who got their first paycheck and is biting them in the behind! Their corporate structure is a disaster, they are cash strapped, the Marvel comic book division is a mess and a lot of their Star Wars offerings are under performing not to mention they cant move StarWars merchandise outsude of the parks the way they thought they could. Disney can spin this how ever they want but the messed up big time and its obvious

  4. I understand the frustration of people with all this, and I am usually one of the first to criticize costs and other issues in WDW. However, I think we need to give Josh D’Amaro some time before making any judgments. He just took over during a crazy time, and he seems to be a good guy who might have a fighting chance of bringing back some of the magic we lost with Bob Chapek. I’m optimistic about WDW for the first time in years.

  5. Sorry Disney but you suck as a DVC member I would have thought you would have been better than this you charge outrageous prices and now have stripped every ounce of magic out of your parks and want people to come visit, let’s see no character greets, no character dining , no dining plan, no park hopping, no assurance that your hotel reservation gets you into the parks, oh and the biggest these stupid face masks your requiring. Wait your right it will be so magical we won’t miss any of that what a joke.

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