PHOTOS: Character Rockwork Spotted at Fantasy Springs Construction Site in Tokyo DisneySea

Last week, we gave an update on the props under construction across from Fantasy Springs at Tokyo DisneySea. But there’s one thing we missed, and fortunately Twitter user @Uminey_Umiumi was able to give us a sneak peek at the incredible character rockwork coming to the waterfall entrance! And it bears a striking resemblance to one of the characters in the concept art. Let’s take a look!

Credit to Twitter user @Uminey_Umiumi

The rockwork is coming along just spectacularly, and you can catch some hints of the upcoming face that will adorn the entrance. Let’s take a second look at the concept art.

Fantasy Springs Concept Art

If you look closer at the mountains, you can see Peter Pan on the left and Elsa on the right. It’s hard to tell which face that rock will become, but we know that come 2023, it’ll be part of this exciting expansion! Are you excited to see this progress? Let us know below or on social medai!

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