PHOTOS, VIDEO: Tour the New, Solar-Powered McDonald’s Now Open at Walt Disney World

What was once a running joke has come true. The newly-rebuilt McDonald’s by Disney’s All-Star Resorts has not only beat out all of the other construction projects on property, but it’s actually opened ahead of the parks! Today, we’re back and ready to explore the newly-designed space, complete with a modern, sleek interior and an innovative, eco-friendly exterior.

The wooden slats that make up the larger, rectangular portion of the building features the McDonald’s logo in bright yellow, contrasting against the brown hues. The overall theme of the building’s design has a heavy “eco-friendly” vibe between the solar panels, wood accents, and lush garden walls. Off to the side, over by the entrance to the Drive-Thru and the parking lot, guests drive by a swirling garden wall with a McDonald’s logo in vibrant green.

The location features an expansive v-shaped roof lined with solar panels, enough to potentially power the entire restaurant! There’s plenty of outdoor seating by way of concrete benches with tables and brightly-colored red chairs scattered outside. Thanks to the shade of the solar panels, it feels surprisingly cool and comfortable here.

The outdoor area also features two “Energy Spinning Bikes” and a hand-crank station that help generate even more power while counting towards your exercise regimen. The Wonders of Life pavilion may be gone, but the Wonder Cycles live on by way of these innovative additions.

You can even charge your phone using these bikes or the hand crank. All extra energy helps power the arches!

Once inside, the vee-shaped roof makes the dining room area seem very expansive, with panels letting in diffused light. Soft, ambient music makes you almost feel like you’re back at EPCOT’s Future World. (That, or the withdrawals are really setting in.)

Guests can order via the touchscreen kiosks and have food brought to their table, order via mobile app, or traditionally, at the registers, which have been outfitted with plexiglass barriers for the safety of the employees.

Seating-wise, there are long cushioned booths, tables with chairs, and modern-looking half-circle booths.

The location was initially supposed to open sometime in April, but due to the COVID-19 shutdown, they delayed until today. That being said, they have opened with many health and safety guidelines in place to keep customers and employees safe. Select tables are marked for non-use, and there are plenty of hand sanitizer wipe dispensers available to wipe down hands and screens.

There are even some neat new ways to open the doors with your feet via StepNpull instead of the traditional handles.

There’s even fun innovative secrets within the tables, like this checkerboard hidden beneath an upper table layer, which also does double-duty by expanding the existing surface space.

A cute video plays on one of the main displays with fun infographics on the restaurant’s energy production and renewable resources.

The Drive-Thru features two ordering bays that split up into a “Y” formation.

Additional parking is available for Drive-Thru guests and Mobile Order. All along the perimeter of the McDonald’s, additional solar panels power the parking lights.

Check out the video below for a full tour of the new McDonald’s!

The McDonald’s, which is located at 1596 W. Buena Vista Drive, is one of the first things guests see approaching the gates of Disney’s All-Star Resorts. At this time, the resorts remain closed, but the fast food spot is a favorite for guests heading into Disney’s Animal Kingdom or grabbing a quick meal on property after the parks are closed. Hours for the McDonald’s are 11:00 AM to 8:00 PM.

This new McDonald’s replaced its former 2009 version after a number of makeovers across the years. Many may recall this McDonald’s by its former wacky exterior featuring larger-than-life figures of Ronald McDonald, Grimace, and anthropomorphic menu items, like fries, Happy Meals, and McMuffins. The McDonald’s originally opened back in 1998, a year before the opening of Disney’s All-Star Movies Resort, which marked the completion of the All-Star Resort complex.

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  1. Missed opportunity to rebrand this location “Mickey Donald’s”

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  2. Wow this is a beautiful McDonald’s, now they just need healthier and better food

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