Walt Disney World Annual Passholders Will Be Allowed to Hold Only 3 Disney Park Pass Reservations at a Time

Tom Corless

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Walt Disney World Annual Passholders Will Be Allowed to Hold Only 3 Disney Park Pass Reservations at a Time

Tom Corless

Updated on:

Walt Disney World Annual Passholders Will Be Allowed to Hold Only 3 Disney Park Pass Reservations at a Time

UPDATE: While Disney had originally said it would only be 2 reservations at a time for annual Passholders, an update to DisneyWorld.com indicates that it will be 3 at a time. The story below has been updated to reflect the new information.

According to the latest information from Disney, Walt Disney World Annual Passholders will only be able to hold 3 Disney Park Pass reservations at a time.

If you are an Annual Passholder with a resort reservation, you will be able to reserve considerably more, up to 14 park days at a time. Annual Passholders with a resort reservation are able to make Disney Park Pass reservations beginning June 22nd. Those without a hotel can make up to 3 Disney Park Pass Reservations starting June 26th.

For a complete breakdown on the Disney Park Pass Reservation system, check out our post from earlier today.

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16 thoughts on “Walt Disney World Annual Passholders Will Be Allowed to Hold Only 3 Disney Park Pass Reservations at a Time”

  1. As an AP holder with stays booked in Aug, Dec and May I dont think 14 days will cut it. I hope this is per stay and not overall per account. If I have 24 nights scheduled 14 days would piss me off!!!

    • Oh my goodness I feel the same. We had planned to spend three weeks out there in October, and two days won’t cut it. We rented off site. I mean I guess that’s what they’re trying for but boy does that make me want to get a refund. I mean they’re basically forcing us to get resort reservations. I’m very disappointed.

      • Just my interpretation, but I read the statement to mean that AP holders with resort reservations can book as many as 14 park visits PER resort stay. For an AP holder with multiple resort reservations spread out over time, it’s not clear to me how and when you’d book your individual park reservations.

    • I wonder if you can “walk” the reservations? So you reserve 14 days. After day 1 is done, you have 13 days left. Can you then make a 1 day reservation for day 15? And after day 2 is done, make one for day 16?

    • I would think each reservation would count as separate. They realize that an AP holder that would have multiple reservations in a year period. Than that would mean I could go more in a years time not making one a resort reservation possibly. I am just basing that on someone who can only hold 3 at a time and make a new reservation after every time the went to a park. Unless you have to finish the 3 before new ones. If that makes sense. I am sure there some other details I am missing or not thinking about.

  2. Can the original story here have a link to Disney so we can read the fine details? Or is this 14 days leaked / rumored?

  3. I called and spoke to a cast member today after seeing this and was told that it is 2 trips of consecutive days.

  4. Just more proof that our money spent on now useless passes means nothing to Disney unless you spend even more to stay at a over priced resort

  5. Dont forget if you are traveling INTO Florida right now the Governor wants you to quarantine! Especially with 3200 new cases in 1 day!

  6. I’m not a passholder there but I am close by. Almost everyone I know that paid money for a pass did it so they can enjoy the park after work or mid day Saturday. I may have overlooked it but Disney better be handing out some refunds as people may have paid with that intent.

  7. This is all well and good but what about people who bought multiple day Park hoppers seeking a refund. I have sent pictures of my vouchers to my agent that sent them off to Disney seeking a refund. Yet to hear from Disney. You would think if they need to reduce the number of people entering the park they would give refunds to people not wanting to two days by car or a whole day by plane. Not to have the experience of a lifetime.

  8. The closure resulted in cancelled trips in March and May. Rescheduled for June and July in hopes Disney would reopen. June trip has come and gone. Out-of-state Platinum Passholder who does not stay on property because I am also a Universal Orlando Premier Annual Passholder. As such, I am limited to making only three park reservations. On Friday, 26 June I hope to get in on the Disney Preview days of 09 and 10 July. This leaves me one day for my next trip in September.
    Question #1) Can I book a date in September or am I limited to a 60-day window?
    Question #2) If I get the 9th of July, with only two remaining days of reservations, will I be able to reserve a second day in September or must I wait until I have used all three days?

  9. Just tried to get reservations for days in Sept. I get the park reservations limit reached message so I called the number listed and after a 1.5 hour wait on the phone got told that because I have reservations already set with my Disney Campground stay that I cannot book any more reservations today. However if I want to try again on Sunday when it opens for everyone then I should be able to make park reservations then. I am paying over 1000.00 a year for WHAT?????

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