Disney and Ford Partnering for New 2020 Bronco Unveiling on July 13

Jessica Figueroa

Disney and Ford Partnering for New 2020 Bronco Unveiling on July 13

Jessica Figueroa

Disney and Ford Partnering for New 2020 Bronco Unveiling on July 13

From the 1964-65 World’s Fair Ford Magic Skyway to the 2020 Ford Bronco, Disney is no stranger to partnering with automobile brands, and on July 13, Ford will be unveiling the newly-reimagined Bronco 4×4 family of cars to viewers across Disney’s various media networks, including ABC, ESPN, National Geographic, and Hulu. This marks the first-ever, prime-time product reveal across Disney’s broadcast, cable, digital, and streaming properties.

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At a time when consumers are pinching pennies in the wake of the pandemic, Ford is going to need all the pixie dust it can to entice people to buy in. In fact, securing an early spot in production will cost you $100. Reservations will open on the Ford website starting on July 13 at 8 PM (ET). Reservations are refundable.

The partnership with Disney itself is costing the company a pretty penny, as it’s been revealed to be “a paid integration and a partnership”, complete with advertising. The ads themselves will direct viewers to the Ford site to make their reservations.

From CNBC:

Ford worked with Disney CreativeWorks, the company’s creative agency, to create custom three-minute videos for each network to debut the vehicles. The videos will air during the first commercial breaks of each network’s 8 p.m. broadcast, followed by the Hulu streaming service beginning the next day.

Each “film” features a special guest: professional climber Brooke Raboutou for ESPN’s “SportsCenter;” country music singer Kip Moore for the “CMA Best of Fest” on ABC; and Academy Award-winning director Jimmy Chin, a professional climber, will spotlight another Bronco during “National Parks: Yosemite” on National Geographic. Chin, a cinematographer and photographer, also assisted Ford in creating the spots for each of the networks, VanDyke said.

“We absolutely intend on putting our best foot forward and making sure that the Bronco gets the glory it deserves. We’re so excited about this partnership that’s so unique with Disney to co-create it,” VanDyke said. “We think it will draw a huge amount of additional interest to our own properties and just make this reveal one that we’ll never forget.”

One fun tidbit about the release revolves around the infamous O.J. Simpson, who drove a 1993 Ford Bronco during the police chase that followed shortly after the killing of his ex-wife. The release was initially slated for July 8, which would’ve coincided with Simpson’s birthday. Neither brand was particularly keen about the untimely coincidence.

The last time Ford produced a bronco was in 1996—the same year that World of Motion closed at EPCOT. The company expects to reveal a full set of vehicles, including two- and four-door versions of the classic off-road SUV and a compact version known as the Bronco Sport.

Source: CNBC

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