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PHOTOS, VIDEO, REVIEW: Biergarten Restaurant Reopens with Modified “Family Style” Dining in Place of Buffet at EPCOT’s Germany Pavilion

We’re at the newly-reopened EPCOT, and we’ve decided to visit Biergarten in Germany for lunch! Biergarten is of course known for its live entertainment celebrating Oktoberfest all year long.

biergarten 1
biergarten 2

The menu outside remained the same except for one item that was covered up.

biergarten 3

A sign at the register let us know that the band is still playing seven times a day.

biergarten 4

The Cast Member checking guests in was protected by a Plexiglass screen.

biergarten 5

Unfortunately, the outside counter-service is closed.

biergarten 6 1
biergarten 7
biergarten 8

Inside is just as beautiful as always, with some tables marked unavailable to create social distancing.

biergarten 9

As previously announced, the buffet is closed and the restaurant has converted to family-style dining instead.

biergarten 10
biergarten 11

Cast Members still prepared food at the buffet counters.

biergarten 12
biergarten 13

Though family-style means the same food is brought to every table, there was still a QR code flyer that we’ve seen at other restaurants which we could use to check today’s dining selections.

biergarten 14
biergarten 15
biergarten 18

First up, we were brought bread and a good array of cold salads. Do note that this is slightly less variety than you’d get at the usual buffet, but all of the options were very fresh and delicious.

biergarten 16 1
biergarten 19
biergarten 20 1
biergarten 21
biergarten 22

While we waited for our drinks, the oompah band came out to play. The dance floor in front of the stage remained closed.

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biergarten 23
biergarten 24

Of course, the main attraction of Biergarten is the beer.

biergarten 25

Next up was our family-style lunch, which includes many of the same items from the old buffet, including sausauge and potatoes.

biergarten 27

This first plate is the kid’s option, with sausage and nudelgratin, which is basically the most delicious form of mac and cheese you’ll ever have.

biergarten 29

Next up was the main plate for the table, piled high with sausages, meats, potatoes, and sauerkraut. The food here is still “all you care to eat”, so if you’d like more of any item, or you’ve somehow polished off a whole tray of food, you can always ask for more.

biergarten 30

Finally, it was time for dessert.

biergarten 32
biergarten 33

Dessert includes apple strudel and Bavarian cheesecake.

biergarten 34 1
biergarten 35

Yum! Once again, while the new “family style” dining option does give you slightly fewer options than the former buffet, they still make sure to serve you all of the guest favorites, plus everything was very fresh and delicious. Plus, our server was actually from Germany, so it’s good to see that there are still a few Cultural Representatives available throughout the World Showcase.

What restaurant at EPCOT will you be visiting first when you return to the park? Let us know in the comments below.

  1. I can’t wait to come there for lunch and dinner in December. We had March and August cancelled and now we are hoping for December and February. We all appreciate these posts to keep us updated with the food selections and service.

  2. Looks pretty good, we normally eat there when we visit EPCOT. It was our go to place for sure. I like the idea they were able to modify it but we like certain foods and some of those offerings aren’t to our liking, I hope they allow for some substitutions and modifications.
    I get it, time to be cautious, but let us decide how, where and what we want.

  3. I would love it if it was always this way… I never liked being forced to socialize with strangers to eat here, but the food was always worth it. LOL

  4. Kept the price and lowered the options. As a German this meal is disappointing. Salads are all cheap vegetables and pasta – notice the wurstsalat is gone. No more roast pork, and also no Sauerbraten, which was rally the most authentic dish on the menu. Sad.

  5. Thanks for the great description and picture of the the “New” Biergarten experience :-)

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