PHOTOS: Friendship Boats Set Sail Once Again Across World Showcase Lagoon at EPCOT

The Friendship boats at EPCOT take guests across World Showcase Lagoon when they’re looking for a respite from the sun and a way to traverse over to World Showcase. The boats are back up and running today with significant seating changes.

epcot boats 1

There has always been a specific entrance and exit queue at each of the Friendship boat landings. Social distancing markers are now present in the entrance queue.

epcot boats 2

As usual, the boats depart every 15 minutes. The last boat departs at 8:30pm.

epcot boats 3
epcot boats 4

Inside, every other row is unavailable on alternating sides of the boat.

epcot boats 5

Aisle seats are all unavailable. Larger parties will have to split up into different rows.

epcot boats 6
epcot boats 7 1
epcot boats 8

We took a boat from World Showcase to Future World, but the boats are available in either direction.

epcot boats 9
epcot boats 10

Keep checking WDWNT for updates about Walt Disney World’s new health and safety procedures.