PHOTOS: New “Hercules” Windbreaker and T-Shirt Take You From Zero to Hero at Walt Disney World

Bless my soul, the new Hercules merchandise is on a roll!

A new windbreaker and t-shirt from the merchandise line have arrived at Disney Springs! Let’s go the distance and take a look!

Hercules Windbreaker – $49.99

When Zeus sends a chilly day, you can brave the elements with this Hercules windbreaker!

The front features Hercules’ face on one side, and the film’s logo on a red background on the other.

The back features Pegasus, but who’s that riding him?

Oh, right… it’s Hercules. Who else would it be?

The hero rides triumphant, clutching a sword.

The sleeves and hood are pattered with lightning bolt outlines on a gold background.

Hercules T-Shirt – $36.99

If you just want a whole lot of Herc, check out this t-shirt!

The front features the character in a variety of poses, including flexing, staring quizzically, and riding Pegasus with Megara.

The back, with no design of its own, shows off the shirt’s red color. We found both items at DisneyStyle.

Want more merchandise featuring the famed Greek demigod? Be sure to check out the other items in the line, including more shirts and Pain and Panic socks!

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