PHOTOS: Newly Rebuilt McDonald’s in Walt Disney World Now Drive-Thru Only

It was only a couple of weeks ago that the McDonald’s near Disney’s All-Star Resort opened. This McDonald’s had been under construction for some time. It was rebuilt from the ground up to create an impressive eco-friendly, solar-powered structure.

mcdonalds drive thru

The opening was delayed from April to June, and several features were put in place to account for health and safety in the wake of the pandemic. This included foot pedals so guests could open doors without touching dirty handles.

mcdonalds all stars grand opening 32

Well now McDonald’s has taken an extra step for safety by closing its doors again. Thankfully, it is still serving guests with the drive-thru.

mcdonald's drive thru

There’s a sign on the door stating the dining room is closed.

mcdonald's bikes

The “Energy Spinning Bikes” and some outdoor seating are not blocked off, so you may still be able to sit and eat after getting your food. The bikes and nearby hand-crank station help generate power for the building.

You can take a look inside the new McDonald’s here or watch our video below.