PHOTOS: Rainforest Cafe Reopens at Disney’s Animal Kingdom & Disney Springs with Social Distancing Measures

Spencer Lloyd

PHOTOS: Rainforest Cafe Reopens at Disney’s Animal Kingdom & Disney Springs with Social Distancing Measures

Spencer Lloyd

PHOTOS: Rainforest Cafe Reopens at Disney’s Animal Kingdom & Disney Springs with Social Distancing Measures

With the return of Disney’s Animal Kingdom today also came the reopening of the popular Rainforest Cafe located at the park’s entrance. Not only that, but the Disney Springs outlet also reopened yesterday, both featuring new social distancing measures and a limited menu. Let’s check them out!

Disney Springs

RainforestCafe DisneySprings Reopening 1
RainforestCafe DisneySprings Reopening 8

Outside of the Rainforest Cafe at Disney Springs, a queue with social distancing makrers is now in place to keep Guests properly distanced.

RainforestCafe DisneySprings Reopening 7

A “welcome back” sign is posted at the entrance as well, informing Guests of some new procedures.

RainforestCafe DisneySprings Reopening 6
RainforestCafe DisneySprings Reopening 2

The inside of the shop itself still looks fairly normal, all things considered. It wasn’t particularly crowded, so maintaining distance in the shop was no problem.

RainforestCafe DisneySprings Reopening 4
RainforestCafe DisneySprings Reopening 5

In the dining area and at the bar, seats are currently separated and tables are out of service to keep other parties distant from each other, consistent with what we’ve seen at other restaurants across Walt Disney World.

RainforestCafe DisneySprings Reopening 3

Those lucky fish don’t have to worry, though. Remember when we could all hang out together like that? Good times.

Disney’s Animal Kingdom

RainforestCafe DAK Reopening 5
RainforestCafe DAK Reopening 6

We arrived a little bit before Rainforest Cafe opened.

RainforestCafe DAK Reopening 7

Do you know if they’re open? I can’t tell.

RainforestCafe DAK Reopening 8

Unlike at the Disney Springs location, there’s no social distancing markers outside the Animal Kingdom branch of the Rainforest Cafe.

RainforestCafe DAK Reopening 9
RainforestCafe DAK Reopening 10

Instead, the markers only begin once inside the restaurant.

RainforestCafe DAK Reopening 11

The bar does not appear to have the same social distancing indicators as the Disney Springs location has.

RainforestCafe DAK Reopening 2

However, an a-frame sign here informs Guests to maintain social distancing wherever possible in the shop. Just like at Disney Springs, it didn’t seem particularly necessary since it wasn’t all that crowded.

RainforestCafe DAK Reopening 1

Cash registers are now protected with large plexiglass dividers. Hand sanitizer is also on sale at the register, in case you forgot your own.

RainforestCafe DAK Reopening 13
RainforestCafe DAK Reopening 14

In case you had trouble finding the line before, markers snake around the store to indicate where Guests should wait to make their purchases.

RainforestCafe DAK Reopening 4

The registers also possess social distancing lines in addition to the plexiglass.

RainforestCafe DAK Reopening 3

The photo booth is also unavailable due to sanitization needs.

RainforestCafe DAK Reopening 16

And yes, Tracy Tree is still online and greeting Guests as they visit the Rainforest Cafe!

RainforestCafe DAK Reopening 12

Inside the restaurant, similar measures to those we saw at Disney Springs are also in place. Tables are distanced and the queue for entry includes markers. You can check out their current menu for the Disney locations here.

Will you be visiting the Rainforest Cafe on your next trip to Walt Disney World? Let us know below or on social media!

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