BREAKING: Jungle Book Jive Show Debut Delayed at Disneyland Paris After 2 Cast Members Test Positive for COVID-19

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The fan-favorite musical show “Jungle Book Jive” was scheduled to return on August 22 to Walt Disney Studios Park in Disneyland Paris. Now, reports are circulating that the show is cancelled and no performances will be held tomorrow.

According to fan site Looopings, two Cast Members have tested positive for COVID-19, as was confirmed by a Disney spokesperson. The Cast Members are now home, but as a precaution, all other affected Cast, including the entire performing team, were also sent home to quarantine for 14 days. With this, the show had to be cancelled abruptly, and may not debut for another few weeks.

The show was announced for a for a limited-time summer run in an effort to draw guests to Walt Disney Studios Park, which has suffered from low attendance throughout the resort’s reopening. A modified stage was set up inside Moteurs… Action! in preparation for the show’s new location debut. The park is rumored to close temporarily, however Disneyland Paris has denied these statements.

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Ethan Anania
Ethan Anania
1 month ago

Its run should be extended until November, if it debuts later to make up for lost time

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