D23 Unveils Limited-Edition Captain Mickey Mouse Plush for August’s “Year of the Mouse” Amazon Release

Matthew Soberman

D23 Unveils Limited-Edition Captain Mickey Mouse Plush for August’s “Year of the Mouse” Amazon Release

The next limited-edition Mickey Mouse plush in the “Year of the Mouse” collection is about to set sail! D23 is offering their members exclusive access to an adorable collection of Mickey Mouse plush throughout 2020, released monthly on Amazon.com. So far, we’ve seen Mickey meet tiki style, celebrate his cinematic legacy, and bloom in the springtime. But what’s coming ashore this month?

captain mickey mouse plush d23 amazon august 2020

August brings us “Captain Mickey Mouse,” inspired by the character’s many nautical-themed shorts.

From D23:

Commemorate the Year of the Mouse with this Limited-Edition Disney Captain Mickey Mouse Plush. The eighth of twelve collectible large plush in the series, this exclusive Mickey Mouse celebrates the month of August. Mickey Mouse stands 16 inches tall and is made of linen fabric with nautical icons and a colorful swimsuit with gold embroidered buttons, and embroidered eyes. Mickey Mouse features a commemorative gold and satin foot patch and includes a Certificate of Authenticity. He even comes in a window box featuring special Year of the Mouse packaging; ideal for collectors. The Year of the Mouse Captain Mickey Mouse plush makes the perfect gift for Disney fans of all ages. Collect all twelve of these commemorative Mickey Mouse plush. Ages 3+

Mickey Mouse has had many adventures on the high seas, from assembling his own boat, the Queen Minnie, with the help of Donald Duck and Goofy in “Boat Builders” (1938) to being the captain of his own ship, answering an SOS call in “Tugboat Mickey” (1940). You can bet with shipmates like Donald Duck and Goofy, things aren’t always even keeled. And you can’t forget Mickey’s film debut behind the ship’s wheel in the iconic short “Steamboat Willie” (1928).

D23 members can purchase the plush beginning on August 10th at 9 AM PT through a link provided on this webpage. Members must be signed in to access the link. Quantities are limited.

Do you “sea” this plush in your future? Let us know in the comments!


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