Disney Stores Inside Disney Springs Resort Area Hotels Closing Permanently

Disney stores located inside hotels within the Disney Springs Resort Area are now closing, as Disney is in the process of shutting down these leased retail spaces due to insufficient demand.

disney store holiday inn orlando
A Disney Store inside the Holiday Inn Orlando – Disney Springs Area. (Image: Disney Springs® Resort Area Hotels Website)

Hotels such as the B Resort, Holiday Inn Orlando, and more all contained small-scale Disney retail stores, which sold some sundries, plus various souvenirs and park merchandise, as well as Walt Disney World park tickets.

Due to the shift in demand for tickets with the introduction of the new Disney Park Pass reservation system, as well as impacted travel due to the COVID-19 pandemic, all of these stores will close in the coming weeks.

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Currently, these Disney stores still appear under the list of “Disney Advantage” perks for Disney Springs Resort Area Hotels, however only Disney merchandise resort delivery is advertised—a service that is currently discontinued due to ongoing health and safety protocols.

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  1. Wow you know things are bad if Disney is going this route with these locations. Those hotels have always had those stores run by Disney since the hotel plaza opened.

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